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Getafe FINALLY Promoted

By Chew Kai Wen - Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 10:59:55 PM

Celebrations rang out all around the RewirpowerSTADION in Bochum as the final whistle blew. The final score, Bochum 0 Getafe 4. The Getafe supporters were out in full force away from home in chilly Germany, and rightly so, it was a big match which has finally sealed promotion from the B Leagues to the A Leagues via automatic promotion.

Heartbreak has been the common theme in Getafe. The statistics do not lie, in the past 5 seasons (excluding this season), Getafe had made 4 playoffs. And in each of these playoffs, Getafe had failed to win the 2 important matches to gain promotion. It is hence no surprise that Getafe would go into the final matchday of Season 38 not wanting to slip up, given how some fans have already termed the playoffs as "cursed".

It has not always been the easiest season for Getafe, as with every season there are ups and downs, and at one stage Getafe did not even look like they were going to make it into the automatic promotion positions, having a rocky middle of the season allowing Shanghai Shenghua to overtake them into the promotion spots. However, all that changed in 1 match, on Matchday 26...

It was a routine win for Getafe, 5-1 against a PSV team they were expected to beat. However, all eyes were focused on another match going on that day. It was the clash between 1st placed Vitesse and 2nd placed Shanghai. A victory for Shanghai would effectively rule out any chance of Getafe clinching the automatic promotion spot unless there was an unexpected miracle. And it didn't seem to be going Getafe way as Iribarren scored first to bring Shanghai into a 1-0 lead. However, lady luck would be on Getafe side for the first time in a long time, as a quickfire equaliser followed by yet another goal gave Vitesse the 2-1 win. This meant that Getafe would clinch 2nd spot once again, with a narrow 2 point lead over Shanghai Shenghua. The battle for 2nd has officially begun...

Both teams then followed up with 3 consecutive wins, bringing this fight down to the final matchday. With a much superior GD, Getafe knew the equation for simple: Win or draw against Bochum, and promotion would be secured. However, Bochum has proven time and again to be one of Getafe's Achilles Heel, and it was not going to be an easy fight. This time however, it was an entirely different story. The Getafe players peppered the Bochum goal and gave them no chance, and emerged strong 4-0 victors in this game. This gave way to much cheering and celebration as a long awaited target for so many Getafe fans has finally been achieved, after years of heartbreak and disappointment.

Interviewing manager Kai Wen Chew after the match, this is what he has to say. "It has definitely been a lot harder than I would have liked, but credit to the boys, they fought hard and well to the end and now they can enjoy what they have worked so hard for. I'm overjoyed really, especially for the fans, they deserve this after sticking with this team through the many difficult seasons we have had for the past few years. I now look forward to challenging in the A League, its definitely a step up and with much tougher opposition, but I'm confident in my lads that they can do it."

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