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Injuries, injuries, injuries, and Tehrani!!

By Kevin Beck - Monday, December 7, 2020 - 12:32:43 PM

As Celtic boss, Kevin Beck, received the news that big summer signing, Fadil Bin-Sulaiman, was back to full fitness after a 4-week injury lay off, another fresh injury blow was also dealt to the league leaders.

Last season's runners up, who lead the Premier League by 2 points, have suffered no fewer than 12 injuries so far this season, of which 7 of their 8 first team midfielders have been unavailable at some point this season. The latest casualty being Yahya Karim, who has impressed with 3 assists in 5 Premier League games, is out for 4 weeks.

Add to the list Jake Tosh, Abbas Wertheim, Víctor Ortega, Polinikis Xomeritakis and Anders Koskimaa, the Hoops have been missing some serious quality in midfield thus far. Away from midfield, Qasim Ibrahim, Duncan Byrne, Moses Kola, and José Movilla are still on the treatment tables, and Godfrey Elijah Ndhlala has recently returned to fitness.

"It's absolutely astonishing, I've seen nothing like it - it's unprecedented. We are averaging 2 injuries a week and if this rate carries on we'll be looking at over 40 injuries for the season. We are doing the right things; the players are on balanced diets, a cutting-edge sports science programme, closely monitored training plans, and no player plays when they are less than 90% fit.", said Beck.

Despite the injury issues, Beck is pleased with how the season is going so far.

"It's an absolute credit to this squad that we are getting the results we have. The team is having to be chopped and changed every match day to cover the injury situation, and that's very challenging for the coaching and playing staff."

Fans will be buoyed by news Fadil Bin-Sulaiman is back and raring to go having made a very impressive start to life in Glasgow. The 25 year old UAE international has been dominant in the centre of the midfield, averaging a match rating of 7.33 in the Premier League so far. Yet to register an assist though, everyone at Celtic will be hoping he can add another layer of creativity for the League's top scorers.

Of course, Bin-Sulaiman came to Celtic Park in exchange for Yusuf Can Tehrani, and the striker is in red-hot form for Dutch giants, Ajax, right now with a remarkable 20 goals in 13 games; 13 in 8 A1 games as Dave's men sit 1st and sweeping all-comers aside right now.

"Tehrani is a top class talent. A player I'd have loved to have kept here, but with Khuboni and Tantawy playing as they have been, we had to allow the lad to go for the sake of his own career - he's far too good to have been a no.3 here.

There will be a fair few managers right now wishing they had signed him when they had the chance to do so - his value now will be far greater than our £70m asking price in pre-season. I'm delighted for Dave that he's doing the business - he took the risk of letting a star player leave to secure Tehrani's services, and now he's reaping the rewards."

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