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Welcome to the Help section. You should be able to find the answers to any questions you may have here. But if you still need some support please enquire either on the Message Board or contact an Admin:

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To join In The Net you need to be registered at You then need to login and click on the Sign Up Page to access the application form. Make sure you enter your username, a valid e-mail address and a password of your choice. This, along with consents, is used to verify that you are a legitimate applicant and to allow you to use our website. If you are accepted you will receive e-mail confirmation with a Registration Code, usually within 24 hours.

Please note:

It is strictly forbidden to have more than one team or to log into another manager's account without permission. Anyone found trying to use or get another account will be punished and possibly banned from the game.
Please note also that applying from the same internet connection as another existing user or current applicant will result in the rejection of the application. Even worse is to register using a connection and once accepted switch to another connection used by an already existing manager or previously banned user: in this case the account will be immediately closed without prior notice.

You will now be an official manager in the In The Net world. Your first job is to find a job, which you can do by accessing the Managerless Teams part of the Teams & Managerspage. You can only apply for one team at a time, and you will be able to takeover it straight away (but managers with less than 8,000 manager points won't be able to apply to Premier and Level A teams). For International National Teams instead you will need to wait until the next matchday is played to find out if you were successful. Note: International Teams are not allocated first-come first-serve, it is based mainly on manager points accumulated during a career.

You must head straight for club management, the International sides are only available to experienced managers (with at least 5,000 manager points). Club sides play most matchdays while Internationals only play 10 matchdays during the whole season. You have full control over a first team and reserve side. With club teams you can set training for all your players, handle contract renewals and make any transfers that you wish, among other challenges.

So, you've just been appointed as manager of your first team. First off you will want to familiarise yourself with the team's position in competitions. Check when the next match is on the Fixture List page and look at the League Tables. Then take a look at yourSquad. As a new manager, the SOA (Sum Of Attributes) is a good initial indicator of how good a player is. Use this to help sort your best players into the first team and the rest into the reserves. Remember though that SOA is not used by the game engine, so the actual attributes are the relevant ones, once you've learned which attribute is useful for every position. Check the wages of the players (by selecting general from the second drop down menu in the View Squad page), if some are very excessive you should consider selling them, or re-negotiating their contract. Some may also be getting close to the end of their contract. Go to the player page and use the drop-down menu to Renew a player's contract or do this via the Instant Transfers page.

Now, and before every match, you will probably want to make Team Selections and check on Tactics from the Match preview page. You should also keep an eye on how players are doing in Training, making changes if players are not progressing well. There are many other options available of course (not least of all transfers) but just keeping up with these main items will do for starters. To help you, you are assigned a Tutor when you subscribe to the game. You will know your tutor in one of the messages you receive at signup. Make sure you contact your Tutor.
It is highly recommended that you subscribe to the Forumto keep up with the latest developments and get helpful information from other managers. The forum will be online when the site is down while playing matches, and you will find many managers waiting to know their results there!

To subscribe to the Forum, you just need to follow the guided procedure on the forum main page, paying attention to one particular aspect:Your forum username must match with your ITN Manager name (the highlighted name you see when clicking on the “Managers On Site” feature), otherwise your application will be deleted, and a mail will be sent to you, in order to submit a correct application again.

Many of your private pages, e.g. Team Selection, Fixture List etc, have a drop-down menu at the top to switch between your First Team and Reserves. Do not neglect your second string. Fines will be incurred for not keeping enough players in the reserve squad and it provides a valuable opportunity to give young players experience and to improve their skills, and to try out different formations and tactics.


Matchdays are when events occur, including matches. There are 3 matchdays every week and 69 matchdays per season (i.e. 23 weeks). The main matchday each week is on a Sunday evening (deadline 9.30pm UK Time), which is when all the weekly events occur like some transfers, expenses paid (e.g. wages), contract length reductions etc. The other matchdays are Wednesday and Friday evening (both deadline 9.30pm UK Time). Note: Matchday times are subject to change!
After each matchday you may receive various reports from your staff, which you can see in the Messages page. Training occurs every matchday, as do manager appointments/sackings.


The club league is structured in a pyramid system. The best division is the Premier. This is fed by 2 divisions A1 and A2 (level A) which are each fed by 2 lower divisions (level B). The league tables pages for each division provide information on promotion, relegation and playoffs. In matches 3 points are awarded for a win or 1 for a draw as in real life. Every team plays every other in the division twice, once home and once away. The league table is ordered by points, goal-difference and then goals scored.

The top 2 teams in the division are automatically promoted, the bottom 4 relegated (where promotion/relegation are possible). In addition to this, 3rd and 4th place and 11th and 12th place will compete in play-off matches at the end of the season to determine which league they will enter the following season. Further information on how this works can be found here


International teams: The competitions are World Cup Qualifiers and World Cup. World Cup Qualifiers will be played at set matchdays (usually on Sundays). The 48 teams will be divided into 8 groups with 2 teams per group qualifying for the World Cup. After qualifiers ended the World Cup will take place. The 32 teams will play the World Cup, divided in 8 groups of 4 teams, with the first 2 going through. Then Last 16, quarters, semifinals, and finals. Both for senior and U21 teams.

The ITN Cup is one massive cup competition for every club team in the game. The whole way through it is a single-leg knock-out competition which means if a match ends in a draw it goes to extra time and, if necessary, penalties (no replays).

Each level of the club league from Level B up has its own Level Cup. This begins with group stages where the participants are split into groups of 4 who play each other home and away (6 games) with the top 2 in the group progressing to a knock-out competition (with same rules as ITN Cup).

All teams have an opportunity to play friendlies at some points during the season, for example, when a team has been knocked out of a cup. Friendlies can be arranged from the Friendliespage which shows the dates you have available. You will only be able to arrange friendlies against teams who are also available on the same matchday.

On the forum you can find well run and enjoyable friendly competitions run by users. To partecipate post in the relevant topic of the competition.

Player Attributes

The attribute system is designed to provide the greatest amount of realism without being too difficult to master. Each player is rated in 10 visible attributes:
Keeping - Goalkeeping skills such as shot-stopping and handling
Tackling - Ability to dispossess an opponent without fouling
Passing - Passing skill such as accuracy and range of passes
Shooting - Competence at striking for goal including shot technique, power and accuracy
Ball Control - Skill at receiving passes and keeping control of the ball when dribbling
Athleticism - General athletic ability including pace, strength and balance
Heading - Overall heading skill like technique and timing
Intelligence - Football brain, creative ability and anticipating events
Mentality - Professionalism and ability to handle pressure
Set Plays - General ability at offensive dead-ball situations

Each of these is rated from 0-15 or None to Legendary+ ability. These are points at which your coaches can judge a player to have "significantly" reached, but you should note that there is a time where a player is in-between levels. So, for example, two players may both be rated Good at Keeping, but one may be close to Average, the other close to Excellent, and the variance can in fact make a big difference.

Players can be trained in most of the attributes to try and improve their ability in that area. Intelligence and Mentality are two that cannot be trained. These attributes are things that can only be learnt over time. There are also some hidden attributes plus two equally important properties of players: Footedness and Height. Footedness really determines which side of the pitch a player should play on. Predominantly right-footed players will find it easier to receive passes, dribble and play the ball on the right side. Height can have a variety of effects. For example, it can improve a players' ability to win a header, however it can also make controlling the ball in tight situations more difficult.

A players' ratings in attributes has a direct effect on their recommended position. Just to clarify, the position given is not the only position(s) a player can be used, it is a derived set of positions which are suggested as appropriate for the current values of a players' attributes. Furthermore, changes in a player's attributes will effect the recommended position. You should decide for yourself what positions your players are best suited to. Young players in particular are difficult to pin to a certain position ("-" means no recommendation for position), but they can be trained up. Keeping, Tackling, Passing and Shooting are probably the four most position-oriented attributes and give a good idea as to whether a player should be a Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder or Striker respectively.
Please note that players with similar level on attributes in more than one of them might trigger an awkward position or multiple positions. I.E. if a player is good at Keeping, Tackling and Heading he might be pinned to a CD position due to tackling, but he will probably be a goalkeeper as his Keeping is good. As soon as he's trained up one level in Keeping his tag will change from CD to GK.

To help you sort your players to pick for matchdays (on Team Selection page) you have two ways:
Order by Automatic Position, where players are sorted considering automatic position tags.
Order by Custom Position, where players are sorted considering the positions you want them to play
You can set your own set of tags to sort your players on the Custom Position page.
Please note that setting a Custom Position will not change players abilities or train them in a new position. To achieve that you need to train your players in the relevant attribute or in the set position you want them to play, you can set this for every player in your squad on the Training page.

Sum of Attributes (SOA) is a figure requested for by managers and is (as the name suggests) the sum of the values for the ten attributes of a player. SOA is a useful guide but remember that it is not a figure that is used in the match simulation, the actual attribute ratings are what is important, so SOA can be misleading. For example, two strikers may have the same SOA but one may be Good at Heading the other Good at Keeping, as the striker doesn't need to do any goalkeeping the good headerer is much better.

There are also some hidden attributes which will affect a player's performance and behaviour.

Player Traits: these are special features that affect a player's performance and behaviour. Every new youth player might have some traits, that will improve or decrease his ability to perform a certain attribute. Players can have up to 3 traits, and they will keep them for the whole life, though they increase their effects year after year, peaking at around 26-27, and starting to decrease slowly as years go by.
There are 3 main types of traits:

Basic traits: These traits have positive and negative variations but the visible tags differentiate them from each other. Every positive has a corresponding negative. A positive specialisation is obviously a good thing, a negative specialisation is obviously a bad thing. Here's the full list of Basic traits:

Player Trait Effect Attribute
Resilient improve Fitness
Weak decrease Fitness
Positionally Aware improve Tackling
Dives into Tackles decrease Tackling
Dictates Tempo improve Passing
Hollywood Pass decrease Passing
Clinical Finisher improve Shooting
Lacks Composure decrease Shooting
Dribbler improve Ball Control
Poor First Touch decrease Ball Control
Jumper improve Heading
Clumsy decrease Heading

Complex traits: These traits have one variation which is both positive and negative. So the specialisation increases one area of a players attributes while decreasing another. These specialisations are neither good nor bad - it depends on the managers judgement, and how he wants to shape his squad. Here's the full list of Complex traits:

Player Trait
Shoots Long
Plays One Twos
Likes ball played into feet
Team Skipper
Tactical Fouler
Aerially Dominant
Lack Strength

Incognito traits. These traits have positive and negative variations but the visible tag does not reveal which version the player has. It is known the player has the specialisation, but the positivity/negativity is hidden. The positive version is a good thing, the negative version is a bad thing - managers will have to research the player to try and work out whether he has the positive or negative version. Here's the full list of Incognito traits:

Player Trait
Lightning Pace
Likes to simulate


The Formation and Tactics you employ for matches plays a vital part in your management role, in fact it's probably the most important part of your job. You need to try and select the best settings, not just for your own team, but to counteract your opponent.

Firstly you need to decide what Formation and Attacking Strategy will work well together, and this will determine the strength of your overall attacking play. Your strategy will also be a key influence in what your players do in the match, for example, if you select Long Ball then your players will look to play long balls as much as possible. The different strategies are now discussed in brief:

Centre Attack - play is focussed towards the middle with central players having more of the ball, so it helps to have more players in central areas of attack. Filling the same area with defensive players can quash a centre attack.
Counter Attack - only effective against very attacking sides. May mean only having a small % of possession and chances but the likelyhood of scoring given a chance is very high as your opponent is caught out. Not being too offensive can make counter attacks against you unlikely.
Long Ball - can cause an inadequate defence all sorts of problems and you need to have both attackers that can control the long balls and defensive players who can deliver them. May mean more misplaced passes but those that are successful can be crucial. Picking a suitable defence and cutting off the supply are key requirements to defend against this tactic.
Passing - just holding onto the ball can be a good way to weaken your opponent, both physically and in the number of opportunities, and should result in a high possession %. But your play will also be fairly easy to defend against so good chances may not be that frequent.
Side Attack - play is focussed towards the wing with such players having more of the ball and putting in crosses, so it helps to have more wide players in attack. Filling the same area with defensive players can limit side attacks.

You can see that your choice of Defensive Strategy is very important for counteracting your opponent's setup. Your choice of General Play also plays a key role in how strong you are in both attack and defence. Looking at your opponent's recent matches and trying to make an educated guess at what formation/strategies they use is important to get consistent results and (hopefully) win trophies.

Which formation and strategies you choose is where your management skill comes in. You may want to have a setup which suits your players' abilities/preferred positions. There may be certain tactics that you want to stick to against all opponents, or perhaps you'll choose to play differently against different teams.

Manager Points

Every match a manager plays they are awarded a certain number of Manager Points. This is, if you like, equivalent to a manager's reputation. The number of points awarded depend on a number of factors including match level, round, result and goals scored/conceeded. Manager Points are not necessarily important but they can be used to compare managers' achievements in the game and do make a big difference when applying for jobs. Also, only managers with over 5,000 career points can manage and International side and/or be able to apply to manage an International team part-time (Note: This is the only way you can have more than one team in the game).


In matches players may receive yellow and/or red cards. In either case they have shown indiscipline and as punishment players are given suspensions. For a straight red card players are banned for 3 matches. A yellow then red in the same match will incur a two-match suspension and for every five yellow cards collected in first team or reserve/under-21 games a player will get a two-game ban. Players are banned from first team matches, and any friendlies the team plays in between will not count towards reducing a suspension and the player will not be able to feature in these games. Note: Yellow cards in friendlies don't get added to a player's tally for the season, but sending offs still result in the same penalties as above.


If a manager does not login for more than 20 days without notification they will no longer be manager of a team and the position will be made available for re-management. Please note also that if you're sacked you will not be able to get another team until 18 Matchdays have passed.

Please use the Manager - Settings to set your Absence Start and End date if you will not be able to login and submit team selections for a short period of time, but still wish to remain manager of a team. During your absence the same team as you selected before you left will play, unless there are injuries or suspensions when the computer will choose replacements.

Please note that when Absence Form feature expires, and your absence was longer than 20 days you will obviously need to login before the new matchday is played. Example: if you submit your Absence Form from January 1st to February 1st you will keep your team during the whole period. If the following update is on February 3rd you will need to login again before that date, otherwise the system will sack you anyway. If you're not sure of being able to login immediately after coming home from a holiday, add a few more days to be sure! If a manager find him/herself sacked because he/her didn't login after Absence Form expired will not be reinstalled in his/her previous team, and will have to submit a new application to the same team (if available) or to a new one.

Your players' contracts will continue decreasing during your absence so make sure you've renewed any that have only a few weeks remaining before you go.


Club managers must look after their finances, detailed information is provided on the Club Finances page. Trying to maintain a weekly profit (before transfers) is the main aim, but particularly in a week where you've had a home league match. Income is received from the following:
- Attendance Money - gained from playing matches (split 75%/25% in league games, 50%/50% in cup or friendlies). You set the ticket price for first team matches on the Stadium page. Tickets for reserve games are a quarter of this price
- Transfers Out
- Prize Money (see help section below on prize money for more details)
- Advertising/Merchandise/TV Income (amount dependent on club level, i.e. Premier, A, B...)
- Decreasing stadium capacity

- Ground Maintenance/Staff Expenditure (amount dependent on stadium size)
- Player Wages (if a player is on loan the team he is on loan with pays 100% of the player's wages)
- Transfers In
- Fines (any club that fails to select a squad of at least 11 eligible players for a first team or reserve match will receive a GBP 150,000 fine)
- Increasing stadium capacity
- Youth Academy

Prize Money

Prize money is earned by clubs depending on their final first team club positions, the winnings are as follows:

Competition Winner Runner-up 3rd 4th 5th-10th 11th-12th 13th-16th
ITN Cup 9m 4.75m 2.75m 1.8m

Premier Cup 7.5m 4.25m 2.25m 1.5m

Level A Cup 6.25m 3.25m 1.9m 1.25m

Level B Cup 5m 2.75m 1.8m 1.15m

Level C Cup 4.25m 2.25m 1.5m 1m

Premier Division 9.5m 4.85m 3.1m 2.25m 1.8m 1.5m 1.25m
Division A* 6.8m 3.8m 2.25m 1.75m 1.5m 1.25m 1.1m
Division B* 5.5m 3.25m 2.15m 1.55m 1.3m 1.2m 1m
Division C* 5m 2.75m 2m 1.45m 1.2m 1.1m 900k
Any Reserve Division 1m

Champions Cup 6.5m 4m 2.75m 2.75m

Transfer Rules

- Once you have bought a player or renewed their contract they cannot be sold for 8 weeks (this is the Resale value shown on the squad page)

  • When a player signs a contract they will tell you if they intend to retire at the end of it. Once a player has declared his retirement his contract cannot be extended
  • You cannot sell retiring players if they have less than 15 weeks remaining on their contract, but you can release them for less than half the normal fee
  • You cannot loan a player for more than the remaining weeks on their contract
  • You cannot sell a player privately that you have put on the transfer list
  • You cannot sign a new player if you have a squad of 50 players (not including loans in/out)
  • You cannot have a player removed from the Transfer List once the Main Update has been run and the List has been created
  • Any deal that involves a new manager in the game who is still in his tutorage period is approved by the assigned Tutor; if this new user fails to contact his tutor in order to agree with this deal, it will be reversed
  • Any deal that involves swaps of players must be completed within 3 weeks time from the first completed deal.
    The swap schedule must be also published on the forum topic called "Swaps/loaned to sell thread" in the "Players for sale" thread and updated accordingly.
    Deals not listed on the relevant forum thread or not completed within 3 weeks time will be reversed.

  • This is the direct link to the forum thread: Click here.

Wages & Contracts

The best way to get an idea of the ideal wage and contract length to offer a player is to look at similar players in your team and on the transfer list. Those on the transfer list ask for fair and low wages for their ability which means that (a) They are good to buy if you're concerned about keeping wages low and (b) If one of your players is demanding very high wages you may want to sell him on the transfer list if no-one wants to pay their wages when buying privately.

Wages can vary between GBP 250 per week to about GBP 150,000 with the average player wanting between GBP 10,000-20,000. Obviously the better a player is the more they will want. Free agents will divulge the minimum wage they expect although you may want to offer more if you think there will be competition for the player. Be careful though, if you offer too much your board will not sanction the bid.

Contract lengths can be up to 120 weeks (about 4 seasons) but most players won't want to commit themselves for more than 3 seasons. If a player tells you how long a contract they want it is recommended to accept that or less.

Private Transfer

There are two ways to buy/sell players with other teams. The Transfer List and Private Deals. The Transfer List is updated weekly with players who are placed onto it during the week before via the Weekly Transfers page. Players are listed at a certain price and will not be sold for less. You may place two players on the list per week and bid for two players currently on it per week. As previously mentioned, transfer listed players cannot be sold privately.

Private deals are those agreed directly between two managers, via the messaging system, the message board or e-mail etc. A fee is agreed for a player. Both managers should now use the Instant Transfers page to submit the same deal

  • Select the deal type (purchase/sell) from your perspective
  • select the other team
  • select the player and enter the fee (in 1000s of GBP, no commas, e.g. "2500" = GBP 2,500,000 or 2.5m).

The proposed deal will then be displayed on the Instant Transfers page, with the current status. Both teams must submit the same deal, then the buying club must agree a contract with the player, then the selling club must confirm the deal. Either side can cancel the transfer at any time before completion (and may need to if the contract is rejected). Note: If you want to do a swap deal you should make sure both players have agreed contracts before either team confirms the deals. You can do a maximum of 3 private deals per week, any unused deals are not carried over. Using the same method you can submit an Instant loan deal except that no contract negotiations are required (Note: a club must pay the wages of a player they have taken on loan).

Team Selection

The players listed on the Team Selection page are those available to select for the next match (i.e. injured and suspended players are not shown). Use the drop-down boxes in the far-left column to make selections. The first 11 positions are those for your currently selected formation (editable on the Tactics page). No two players can have the same position. You can also allocate 5 substitutes, the actions and events for which can be modified on the Substitutions page:

You can set potential substitutions that will occur during your next match. Each row corresponds to one potential substitution. The first two columns set the conditions for making a substitution, set both to Any to void that row (no substitution). Example 1: If you set Minutes to 60 and Event to Any then the substitution will be made after 60 mins. Example 2: Minutes set to 60 and Event to Losing by 1 then the score will be checked after 60 mins, and if you are losing by 1 goal then the substitution will be made, otherwise not, even if you are losing by 1 goal later in the match. Example 3: Minutes set to Any and Event to Losing by 1 then at the first point you are losing by 1 goal (if that happens) the substitution will be made, even if after 1 minute or 90.

In the other two columns you select the player who will leave the pitch and player to replace him. The names shown correspond to the players selected on the Team Selection page. A substitution cannot be carried out if the player has already left the pitch (i.e. in another subsitution or been sent off). Also a maximum of 3 substitutions can be made during a match, and these will be the first 3 applicable. Remember to click on the Submit button to save your substitution settings.
To help you sort your players on Team Selection page read about Custom Positions.

Stadium & Ticket Pricing

From the Stadium page you can change the club's ticket price for competitive first team matches between GBP 10-30, just make a selection from the drop-down menu. Decreasing the price will encourage more fans to come to matches but you may make more money with a higher price and still fill the stadium. Supporters are charged a quarter of this figure for friendly or reserve team matches. Changes will have immediate effect, i.e. determine ticket price for the next match.

On this page you can also initiate a change in the capacity of the stadium. Enter either a positive or negative number in the change textbox to suggest increasing or decreasing the capacity by that amount respectively. Click on Submit and the board of directors will report on the potential costs/profit and time to complete the construction and let you know if they will allow the development to go ahead. Adding new seats come at a cost according to the table below, while removing seats allow a profit as the seats are sold to constructors, although at only half of the price you paid to install them. If they will, you can now click on Submit again to confirm the capacity change. If you increase the capacity you will be charged in full immediately and the capacity will not change until work is complete. If you decrease, the capacity will be reduced immediately and you will not receive any money until work is completed.

Increase or decrease and respective cost or profit:

Seats Cost for adding Profit for removing
Between 0-9,999 GBP 300 each GBP 150 each
Between 10,000 and 19,999 GBP 1,000 each GBP 500 each
Between 20,000 and 29,999 GBP 1,500 each GBP 750 each
Over 30,000 capacity GBP 2,000 each GBP 1,000 each
Construction costs GBP 2,000,000 GBP 2,000,000
Example 1: Increase from 15,000 to 24,000 = 1,000 x 5,000 for the increase to 20,000 plus 1,500 x 4,000 for the increase to 24,000 plus 2m charge = 5m + 6m + 2m = GBP 13,000,000.
Example 2: Decrease from 32,000 to 17,000 = 1,000 x 2,000 for the decrease to 30,000 plus 750 x 10,000 for the decrease to 20,000 plus 500 x 3,000 for the decrease to 17,000 minus 2m charge = 2m + 7,5m + 1,5m minus 2m = GBP 9,000,000 profit.

Youth Academy

On the Youth Academy page club managers can set their weekly investment in the academy (select from the drop-down menu) and this will affect the current academy strength (which is rated on the same scale as player attributes), and THIS has a major effect on how good the players are that are promoted from the youth squad.

Players can be promoted after at least 7 weeks from the last. This costs nothing to do but you must have room in the squad, and they cannot be sold for 3 weeks. They will initially have a contract of 30 weeks. If you wait longer than the minimum 7 weeks then the player will continue to improve although at a decreasing rate as weeks go by, but this also prevents you from signing another youth player for a while. You can select which position you would prefer them to have some ability in (Note: this does not mean they will be exactly tagged in the requested position but they are young and can be appropriately trained). Once you click Submit the player will be transferred immediately to your squad and be available for selection.

Changing Teams

ITN is set up to allow managers to move between teams during their managerial career if they wish to do so. Many players would prefer to have just one club to call their own and to manage from the bottom of the league to ultimate success. However, for differing reasons, managers may want to move teams and this is welcomed.

However, to prevent managers from just switching from club to club without really giving the team a chance (and preventing others the chance to manage), you cannot manage more than one team each 18 matchdays. So if you takeover a club on matchday 1 you may resign at any time but you cannot manage another until 18 matchdays have passed, i.e. until matchday 19. The resignation page tells you how long you have been at your current team. Also, if you're sacked you have to wait 18 matchdays from the day you got sacked before being able to take over another team.

Please note also that when you manage an International Team only, you become a full time manager for that. This means that if you want to take over a Club Team you have to resign from your International Team.

Cheating/Abusive Behaviour

Owning more than one team in the game is strictly forbidden (unless you have an International team part-time). Nor are you allowed to have more than one account. There are only a limited number of teams available and it is not fair that one manager should deprive another of a place in the game, or have the advantage of having more opportunity to try out tactics or to "steal" players. Furthermore, you must not log into another manager's account even between legitimate friends. In any instance the Administrators have the right to take whatever action they feel appropriate including fines, sackings and/or banning users from the game.

There is no point in cheating. There are no prizes in this game, it is meant to be just for fun and socialising with similar people. The Gamesmasters takes this matter very seriously and spends much time (which could've been used to make improvements) trying to eradicate cheating from the game. Help is always welcomed, but if you have suspicions about other players, including good evidence, please contact an Administrator.

Please note also that your account is yours only and it is users' responsability to protect it and make sure it is used by themselves only. It is not allowed (nor safe!) to pass your credentials to another user, which may use your account for illegal purposes, under your name. For this reason, the gamemasters will not accept as excuse the fact someone other than you used your account to abuse the game or other users. If someone got into your account it means you either:

  • gave them your credentials, which is not allowed nor safe to do.
  • let a shared computer unattended while logged on, and this is either very unsafe to do.
    When you cannot be at your PC, remember to logoff, this is a suggestion for every website you visit...
In either way the gamemasters will act as if the offence came from you. If your account has been hacked without your knowledge instead, please contact Admins or Gamemasters, who will investigate the issue.

Message Board and Notice Board Guidelines

In the ITN forum and notice board you will find moderators helping out to keep these places with a nice atmosphere. You can freely use these tools but we ask you to help us with your behaviour.

Managers must avoid on the forum and notice board:

  • Spamming;
  • Swearing (this includes substituting symbols for letters such as &$%^@ etc.)
  • Defamatory or hateful threats (including threats of violence);
  • Provocations and trolling;
  • Editing your post to totally change your meaning, which may cause confusion and misunderstandings;
  • Lying or trying to cheat in posts about players (on transfer forums);
  • Taking over other peoples posts for your own gain or for discredit other managers;
  • Sexism, racism, bigotry or other forms of discrimination;
  • Vulgar or inappropriate material (adult material);
  • Including avatars and signatures with inappropriate, vulgar or offensive images. Adult content and reference to drugs are strictly prohibited;
  • Attacking other members or admins/mods. You can criticize the idea, not the person!
  • Using anyone else's account/username;
  • Linking to websites with adult or unappropriate contents.

Please note also that accusing another manager of cheating, questioning another manager sale or price of sale, questioning or commenting Gamemasters,
Administrators and Moderators decisions or actions, offending or denigrating other users will lead the user to a month suspension from Forum, Notice Board and Newspaper on the 1st offence, and the definitive immediate ban from ITN on the 2nd offence.

Moderators will attempt to remove/edit any questionable material as soon as possible.
Members who object to posted material are encouraged to notify a moderator. They can remove any questionable content if they determine immediate action is necessary.
Ignoring Moderator/Admins requests could result in the suspension of your account.
Members should remember that it is in their best interest to ignore anyone on the forum who is unduly causing concern. It would be unfortunate to see members caught up in the action and in turn also being disciplined.
If you feel strongly, you are able to report it and the whole staff will evaluate the situation, in order to choose for the best solution.
All decisions and actions are discussed amongst our team of Moderators and Administrators together with the Gamemasters.
No individual moderator/administrator is responsible for the disciplining of members as it is always a group decision.
Once one issue is discussed between the staff, and a decision is taken, that has to be considered as final.

Discipline Guidelines

Please note that Moderators, Administrators and Gamemasters have the power to apply punishments, according to a possible guideline set as follows:

  1. Friendly warning by a mod
  2. Another warning, including info on what will happen if the user breaks the rules again
  3. A short temporary ban from the forum
  4. A longer temporary ban from the forum
  5. Temporary forum ban and team fined
  6. Definitive ban.

Transfer Valuations

Putting a value on a particular player is difficult in any situation but particularly in In The Net where the Sum of Attributes (SOA) doesn't always tell the whole story. Player's should have a high ability in their primary attributes (Keeping, Tackling, Passing and/or Shooting), they may not need to be good in any others (for example, outfield players don't need Keeping). Performances and statistics can also show up how good they actually are and what form they are in, but also checking their recent matches to see if they played in what you would consider their best position etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've got a club team, can I manage an International side as well? The only way this is possible is if you have enough manager points to manage an International team part-time. Also note you cannot apply for another team without resigning from your current position.

Can I change the name of one of my players? No player names cannot be changed at this time (unless there are two or more with identical full names).

I have problems subscribing to the forum, or I have problems logging in to the forum. What can I do? First of all read the Tutorial. You should be able to if you follow the tutorial instructions. If you still can't contact the gamemasters.

I offered a contract to a free agent but he didn't join me or anyone else, why not?You must offer at least the contract they were requesting. If you have offered too high wages your board may have cancelled the bid, if you think this might be the case try offering less.

My player has been progressing well in training and yet his attributes keep going down, why? Training helps improve attributes but it is not the only reason that they may fluctuate. Also because of the rating system a player may be improving in many areas but just one drop in another may cause a significant drop (i.e. notifiable change in level). If it says a player is progressing well in training then they probably are, although remember the progression is an overall rate for the time in the current training area.

My young players don't seem to be improving any better than the older ones, why not? Young players do improve quicker but if young players improved too fast then they would all be superstars by their 20s and the game would be flooded with too many great players. Be patient with young players, they have long careers ahead of them and plenty of time to improve. However, they may not be improving to their potential so also think about what could help them do that.

The deadline has passed but the matches haven't been played yet, what's going on? The matchday deadlines are the earliest possible point when matches may be played and you shouldn't make any changes to your team selection etc in the time after in case the matches start. Updates are punctual and typically take no longer than 30 minutes. Any changes to the update schedule are posted on game status and any information regarding technical issues during updates which results in the ITN website being unavailable for an extended period of time, can be found on the ITN Forum. Please remember anyway that the game is run by the Gamesmasters in their spare time and sometimes hitchs can happen; the Gamemasters will endeavour to play matches as soon as possible anyway.

What are the chances of a player retiring when he signs a new contract or transfers teams?Players aged 30 or under are not at risk of retirement. Players aged 31 have a small 5% chance of retirement. For every year thereafter, the chance of retirement increases by a figure around 10%, so a 32 year old has roughly a 15% chance of retirement, a 33 year old 25%, etc.

How do I change my team's kit? - Some managers have decided to design their own unique kit which you can do by downloading the blank kit from the Manager Settingspage, editing it in MS Paint, then sending it to the Gamesmaster (along with your username and password). If acceptable the new kit will be uploaded and it will be available to select from this page.

Do fitnesses get reset at the start of the season? - Yes.

A manager is trying to send me a private message but I'm not receiving it? This probably means you have accidently blocked them from sending you messages. Look at the top of the Messagespage to see if they are in your blocklist.

I manage an International team, why can't I train all my players? - International managers cannot train all players in their squad because training is generally taken care of by club coaches only. However, you can give training to any players of the right nationality who are not currently attached to a club (free agents), even if they aren't in your squad.

How do I cancel a friendly match - You can do this on the Friendliespage but you can only cancel a friendly at least three matchdays before it is due to occur.

I think you should add/change x feature Post them in the Ideas & Suggestions section of the Forum. Privacy Policy

Click here for the policy


This game is run as a hobby and is free to play. But the Gamesmaster may have to suspend the game temporarily or indefinitely without prior warning or notice.

The matchday deadlines are the earliest possible point when matches may be played but you shouldn't submit your team at the last minute. Game data are saved about 30 minutes before updates, so submitting your game orders after that time might be lost if the update fails.