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Welcome to In The Net - the Internet's best free online football management game*

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In The Net (or ITN for short) has been around on the Internet for over 7 years, but we've come along way from very simple beginnings. It is a free online football management game where users manage teams in a league and challenge for honours in competitions.

Managers are in complete control of their teams including team and tactics selection for matches, transfers, contracts and training (see the Guest View for a better idea of what's available). It is a constantly changing football world, including real-time transfers and up to 3 matches per week. Managers have extensive information available to them too including 5 pages of match details for every game, 10 player attributes, full player and team histories and much more

If you think you've got what it takes to succeed at one of the Internet's most challenging football management games, and you would like to join it's worldwide community, apply now! And remember it's totally free, no catch!

* in our managers' opinion!