Dear Friends of In The Net,
we are still in a period of dealing and tuition with Andy and Paul, the game masters of the game, but we are already glad to introduce ourselves to you all.
We are willing to begin our letter with this salutation, first of all to tell you that our intention is to carry on the game, and the community linked to it.
We consider ITN an intelligent and amusing game, and that is a reason we decided to invest once we knew Andy and Paul was forced to leave its managing,
and also to keep it alive, and why not... even improve it!
Actually, with Andy's help, and also by ourselves, we are confident to carry on game founders great job, and expand our community.
That is possible only by listening to your suggestions, and having your help!
We remind you that we are all part of a team and so we need opinions and suggestions to improve. Who can do this better than a user who love the game?

It is very early to make promises now, and probably they wouldn't be all respected, but we want to give a general idea about were we are going from here.
We can talk about 3 periods of time.

Short time. What are our priorities? First of all to be able to run the game as a whole, with as low down time as possible.
We are trying to be as careful as possible with updates, but remember it may happen we're busy too (even if we will have 3 computers able to run the update),
and deadlines could have some movements. Then we want to have a close look at International teams, starting a restructuration.
This won't be done immediately, but we have to get things going now to be ready for the future.
So there will be a change in the promotions of academy players. We hope the new method, which have already been designed, will allow all international
teams to have a decent number of new young talents feeding up the teams.
This will be done by dividing nationalities into pools, with the active nations having more chances to promote a player. The minnows will have very few and rare players.
Advertising campaigns, attracting new managers. It is one of our priorities for sure. But we're not too much worried anyway.
We're confident, once the site gets his fair amount of advertising, that people would come in. Measures will be taken also to prevent new managers from leaving
the game soon after being appointed: as for this we will have a close look at the economic side of the team.

Medium time. What are our priorities? Revamp of international teams. This could be done by reducing number of games played per season, but playing more important ones.
A World Cup format could be a great competition. We could even expand the number of international teams available, once it becomes less time wasting.
There will be a number of non manageable nations which will promote less players that the active ones, but much more players than minnows teams,
so that they would have enough players to be added.
This could take, from medium to long range, to a restructuration of leagues as well. It has to be thought actually, so I can't say a lot.
But reducing the international matches could lead up to a higher numbers of team matches. This is early to say anyway.
Another interesting thing we want to introduce is to expand the match reports. In particular we could change the fixed sentences
(eg. “Manuel Martin had a shot at goal but he missed the target”) with a possibility to display a variety of sentences, making the reports looking
more realistic and fun to read (eg. “Manuel Martin had a shot at goal but he missed the target or Manuel Martin with the shoot... just wide!” and so on...),
this was proposed by users, and we may re-open that post.

Long time. What are our priorities? Of course no priorities in the long time period, but ideas for improvements. These things cannot be taken as promises,
as it's too early now, but something we aim to, and will try to achieve.
In particular the possibility to think again at the golden membership idea, who has been suggested by the users themselves.
It is not a mystery that we had to give Andy and Paul the right reward for their hard work and brilliant site.
So, having the chance to recover some of the money invested would be good for us. This doesn't mean the site will become a paying one.
THIS GAME WILL REMAIN FREE TO ALL. But, for those who wish to have an extra, or just wish to help with the costs to keep the game running, there will be a chance.
There's a thread on the forum about this, and all indeas seems good and interesting to realize, proposed ones were: allocate player positions and squad numbers,
longer top players/teams lists and other additional stats and histories, ability to download XML files (or similar) for tracking training progress, attribute changes,
finances etc, extended messaging including no length restrictions, folders, multi-recipients, filtering and more, upload more custom kits including
goalkeeper and away kits, new opening summary screen on login with, for example, last result/next match, change in league position, new messages,
financial summary, players with clubs interested in them highlighted in view squad screen, name a youth player, add more manager profile information,
including a picture, compare players option, personal calendar with reminders, 'Live' match updates and so on... But all this will be discussed hearing your opinions.

Another important aspect is communication. We want you to feel we are present in the game. We aim to inform in advance about scheduled downtimes, and try to keep
informed about unexpected ones. We will think about specific threads on the message boards for communication.
Some of them are already active (we won't pull the suggestions section, we think it's a good idea, and we will keep receiving good proposals from there) and will be kept.
But it is important that all users help us. If we all decide to use determined methods (such as specific threads or anything else) all the users should make our job easier.
If we will receive messages on there, plus messages on our mails, plus PM's, plus messages on MSN and so on, how can we reply to everyone?
And how can we find time to improve the game? So we will try to read and receive every ideas and information from you, but will need your help to optimize our time.
We thank you for your time reading this, and also for your loyalty to the game, and we hope you will have fun playing ITN as much as we are enjoying our new adventure.
We would also like to thank Andy and Paul for many many years of great fun and for one of the best games around, Andy, Paul, you're the man.

Best wishes

Enrico, Sonia, Ian