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Updated: 2.30pm Thursday 5th June


Final results:
Steven McCarthy 75, Jamie Best 26, Steve Churchill 8, Matthew Ruggy 6.
Another impressive season for Steven, adding records to records, so a very deserved award.
Well done also to the other managers getting votes, still hard to get to the best 4!
To all other managers, good luck for Season 24!
And once again thanks to all managers involved at various levels, in helping the community or new users, running competitions and everything else on ITN.

Updated: 12.00am Tuesday 28th January NEW YOUTH ACADEMY PAGE Thanks to a very useful and much appreciated cooperation with the community, the Youth Academy page has been changed as follows:

- added player traits up to 3 as per users suggestions in the forum. There will be 3 kind of player traits as suggested by Hugh and Andy.
- removed team level variable
- now weeks in the academy are more important, but after 40 weeks in the academy a youngster stops growing
- there is more variance of SOA between players now, plus, there will be from time to time a very good player born from teams with Legendary academy
- Maximum level of attributes now is 6, while mentality is 2
- Slight reduction in players base wage, while player traits will influence players salary (in positive or negative, depending on the speciality), although in a small way

Stage 1 (beginning now): Managers will not be able to see player traits yet, as we are still in test mode, but youth players will have them, although invisible for now, and they are not producing effects. Stage 2: After testing the page for a short while, we will release the final version, and it will be possible to see player traits and they will start to produce effects.

Updated: 12.30am Saturday 28th December MANAGER OF THE SEASON 22 Here comes the final result. And the winner is... Steven McCarthy manager of Real Oviedo! Final result is: Steven McCarthy 105, Spencer McGarry 14, Jon Smart and Will Mackenzie 5. Congratulations to Steven on such a smashing triumph (and also for the Champions Cup win which happened in the meantime), and to all other contestants. To them and all users we wish good luck for season 23!

Updated: 9.00 am Monday 25th November ITN IMPROVEMENTS POLL The poll about some suggestions to change ITN is available on the forum. We would really like to hear your opinion if you have a couple of spare minutes. Every question has a different thread, and you can read some insight on the post before voting it, in order to receive info useful for your vote. Also, if you want, you can comment further by adding another post. The Poll can be reached via Forum's main page (it's the last link).

Updated: 1.00 pm Friday 15th November ITN IMPROVEMENTS THREAD Important and interesting thread available on the Forum. All managers are welcome to have their say! You can find it here.

Updated: 9.00am Tuesday 8th October ITN PODCAST EPISODE 7a ITN Podcast episode 7a is available on the Forum audio player. As usual you can find it on the Forum by clicking on AUDIO PLAYER button on the top menu. You don't need to be registered to listen to it. And now episode 7b is available too! Don't miss it! Thanks to Hugh and the lads again!

Updated: 6.20pm Saturday 5th October WORLD CUP AND LEAGUE CUP DRAWS Please note World Cup and League cup draws are wrong. We think we have identified the problem, and applied a patch to solve it, although due to both competitions using the same "channel" we can't re-draw them at the same time. For this reason, we decided League Cup draw will be done with tomorrow update, due to the fact that this tournament is the first to play. If it works fine, like it did in the test, we will perform World Cup draw on Wednesday. The actual draw is going to be totally discarded.

Updated: 12.30pm Friday 16th August MANAGER OF THE SEASON 21 A bit late due to Holidays season... Here comes the final result. And the winner is... Jon Smart Manager of Rennes! Final result is: Jon Smart 57, Steven McCarthy 54, Mike Harwood 20, James Templeman 9. Congratulations to Jon and to all other contestants. To them and all users we wish good luck for season 22.

Updated: 3.00pm Saturday 6th July FRIENDLIES CANCELLATION TIME REDUCED As you already know you can call off a friendly from Friendlies page but you can only do that at least three matchdays before it is due to occur. We have halved the time (used to be 6) in order to help users with their friendly tournaments. Anyway this change will also mean that it will not be possible from now on to ask the gamemaster to delete friendlies manually. This is basically for three reasons: First, it was always a danger working manually on the database Second, the number of requests has been huge lately (more than once a day!) so that a lot of time was used for this Third, it is unfair to the opponent team, which find themselves without a friendly with a few days or even hours time to find another team to play with. We believe 3 MDs (one week basically) is the perfect solution to allow teams to change their schedule if needed, and for the opponents to find another team to play against. Therefore we suggest you not to fix all your friendlies at once, especially if you would like to be involved in a tournament, or especially if you actually are in a tournament, otherwise you might compromise your possibilities to play in that tournament. Please also note that it is now possible to arrange friendlies for MDs 61-64 from your Friendlies page.

Updated: 10.30pm Wednesday 8th May ITN PODCAST EPISODE 3 ITN Podcast episode 3 (well... actually 5) is live! As usual you can find it on the Forum by clicking on AUDIO PLAYER button on the top menu. You don't need to be registered to listen to it. Thanks to Hugh and the crew once again! P.S. You gotta love the beginning!

Updated: 2.00pm Tuesday 15th January MANAGER OF THE SEASON 20 And the winner is... John Bishop Manager of Q.P.R. and Turkey! Final result is: John Bishop 59, Andy Summers 35, Warren Freimanis 23, Mark Wilkinson 17, Yoni Raff 3. Congratulations to John for winning this award again after the win on the very first season and to all other contestants. To them and all users we wish good luck for season 21.

Updated: 2.00pm Tuesday 15th January A COUPLE OF NEWS ITN Podcast 2nd Episode is finally live! You can listend to it from the forum top menu (Audio Player button) You don't need to be registered to the forum to listen to it, but feel free to subscribe if you haven't! Very interesting chat and useful information both for experienced managers and beginners. If you have any questions/ideas or would like to be involved in one of the future episodes, post on the Podcast topic in the forum! New International teams in ITN from next season are becoming available! Have a look at this forum thread for explainations and to have a chance to suggest nations to add! ITN has a new Moderator! It's Hugh Maltby. He will be helping the Moderation team both on ITN and Forum. Thanks to Hugh for being available to help our community!

Updated: 10.00pm Thursday 29th October ITN PODCAST EPISODE 1 ITN Podcast is finally live! We are really proud and happy to announce the 1st episode of ITN Podcast which you can find on the forum top menu (Audio Player button) You don't need to be registered to the forum to listen to it, but feel free to subscribe if you haven't! Our special thanks goes to the lads who joined the show (Niko and Will) and specially to Hugh who was the man behind the wholeproject! If you have any questions/ideas or would like to be involved in one of the future episodes, feel free to contact Hugh via PM, or also post on the Podcast topic in the forum!

Updated: 5.00pm Tuesday 2nd October MANAGER OF THE SEASON 19 The new Manager of the season (season 19) is: Obay Eid, manager of Karlsruher! The final table is: Obay Eid 107, Philip Lloyd 11, Mark Wilkinson and Niko Tahvanainen 9, Shane Chatton 7. Well done to Obay for an overwhelming result and all other contestants and good luck for the new season to them and to all ITN managers. Thanks also to James for unofficial manager of the season session which we hope to sort out soon...

Updated: 2.30pm Tuesday 18th September END OF SEASON 19 REPORT The End of Season 19 report is available here.

Updated: 10.30am Monday 10th September ITN POLL With End of Season 19 reports due to come, and while we're adding some tweaks to the game, we would like to hear our users opinions on many aspects of ITN life. The poll will run for 5 days. We would really appreciate if you would take a couple of minutes of your time to reply. This would be very useful to us! You can find the poll in This forum thread.
If you still have no access to the forum, feel free to subscribe! Thank you for your help!

Updated: 10.00am Thursday 7th June INTERNATIONAL TEAMS TOURNAMENT To all International Teams managers who were knocked out during World Cup Qualifiers. Manager Dave Howarth has planned a competiotion both for 1st teams and U21. If you are not playing the World Cup and would like to join visit This forum thread. Few places available, competition starts tomorrow so be quick! Thanks to Dave for this idea and don't miss to subscribe to this competition!.

Updated: 12.00pm Saturday 2nd JuneTWEAKS AND NEW RULES Due to the increase of deals collapsing at managers swapping teams or not completed we've set up a new rule. Any deal that involves swaps of players must be completed within 3 weeks time from the first completed deal. The swap schedule must be also published on the forum topic called "Swaps/loaned to sell thread" in the "Players for sale" thread and updated accordingly. Deals not listed on the relevant forum thread or not completed within 3 weeks time will be reversed.
This is the direct link to the forum thread: Click here. If you still haven't got access to the forum, feel free to register here (first link on the left on top menu).. We add here also a reminder, due to the high number of requests (at least one a week!). It is not possible to remove a player from the transfer list. Doing it would require working manually on the database with high risk of leaving something that could cause a stop to the next update, as well as being unfair on managers who already offered for that player. For this reason please check carefully for the right player when you perform this operation. Once the update is done, and the player is in the transfer list nothing can be changed. To reduce the number of Update failures due to lack of News creation, now all injuries for 8 weeks or more will have a news issue on the Latest News page on Competitions menu. Economy tweaks: - The fine for not fielding a team is doubled to 300,000 - All stadium changes now incur a 1,000,000 construction charge (was 750,000) - Average 5% decrease on Sponsorship revenue due to credit crunch

Updated: 12.00pm Sunday 28th April MANAGER OF THE SEASON 18

The new Manager of the season (season 18) is: Jon Smart, manager of Rennes!
The final table is: Jon Smart 53, Mark Chandler 41, Navid Rasool 33, Obay Eid 13, Dave Howarth 7.
Well done to Jon and all other contestants and good luck for the new season to them and to all ITN managers.
And once again a special thanks to Ellis for a well run unofficial manager of the season session!

Updated: 13.20am Sunday 7th August MANAGER OF THE SEASON 17 Manager of the season 17 is... Craig Cowan, manager of Real Valladolid! The final table is: Craig Cowan 47,Earl Portarlington 28, Chris Hall 21, Niko Tahvanainen 20, Navid Rasool 7. Well done to Craig and all other contestants and good luck for the new season to them and to all ITN managers. Allow us a special thanks to Ellis for a well run unofficial manager of the season session!

Updated: 13.20am Sunday 7th August END OF SEASON 17 REPORT As usual, you will find our End of Season report by clicking here.

Updated: 13.20am Sunday 7th AugustFORUM INTERACTION IMPROVEMENTS We are launching today a new forum facility long asked by users. It is still in beta testing, but you can use it straight away. This will help integration between ITN site and the forum. Basically, at the bottom of a player profile page a new window will appear, with a copy button below. You don't need to change what's written on that window (in fact we suggest you not to, as this would make your post untidy), you only need to press copy. This will open a window in which, as written on it, you only need to type Ctrl+C and then Enter. By doing this you are copying players attributes, data and stats on your clipboard, already formatted for the forum. All you need to do now is Paste on a forum post and you will be able to promote your player on the forum, with no hassle at all... This is a first version, still not completed, but we wanted to have it online for you to suggest us possible improvements! P.S. Please note you need to have javascript enabled on your browser for it to work. In addition, we've added a Youtube embed tool on the forum. If you click on the youtube icon and paste a youtube video address in it, your video will appear as embedded on a forum post!

Updated: 8.20am Saturday 23rd July TUTORS AND BUGS We announce that the "tutor" service is now active. New managers joining the game are sent a message suggesting to contact their tutor in order to be able to finalize their first deals in the game. Should they fail to contact them, deals will be reversed anyway. We think this new system will allow us to keep more managers in the game, since they will have a little help at the very beginning. While adding never managed teams players we realized there was a bug in youth promotion. For a mispelt variable, mentality was not counted in the new youth wage. We have addressed this now.

Updated: 10.20pm Wednesday 20th July YOUTH PROMOTIONS IN NEVER MANAGED TEAMS A couple of months ago we changed a rule about managerless teams. Before all contract were frozen to avoid teams losing players. This was leading to have very old players in those teams, so we changed the code, in order to release very old players from them. This is now working very well, and many 40ish years old players are retiring from managerless teams. There is need for another tweak though. Since never managed teams keep losing old players, they need new ones to take the place of the retired ones, in order to give a fair chance to new managers joining the game. Therefore, once a season, we will run a new code from ItnTeam (some of you may have spotted this new team) and it will promote players to never managed teams. The code is clever enough to recognize how many players a team needs to reach the original number of 35, and they will range from 16 to 21 years (the chance grows with age), so that we also help U21 International Teams. This season's session will be run tomorrow morning.

Updated: 2.20pm Monday 27th June MANAGER OF THE SEASON 16 Manager of the season 16 is... Tom Wilton, manager of River Plate! The final table is: Tom Wilton 72, Hugh Maltby 39, C.J. Moules and Craig Cowan 19, Obay Eid 12. Well done, Tom! And well done to the other contestants and good luck for the new season to them and to all ITN managers. Once again we take time to thank all users who give a contribution for the good of the game. This is what makes our community great!

Updated: Noon Thursday 16th June END OF SEASON 16 REPORT

As usual, you will find our End of Season report by clicking here.

Updated: 11.00pm Sunday 15th April RULE EXPLAINATION

Please have a look at help page (Cheating/Abusive behaviour chapter) where we added an explaination about users accounts. It may sound a bit obvious but as we discovered lately it might be still helpful to all users to remind that your account is personal and it is not safe to allow someone other to use your account.

Updated: 2.00pm Tuesday 10th April ITN SERVER Someone of you may have noticed that after Sunday's update, the time of messages and ITN news was correct and they weren't one hour ahead, and it wasn't happening that operations carried on after the update would end up before the update messages themselves. Well, we are happy to announce that the ITN server has been activated and the first update ran from it. It is a low cost, low consumption open source computer that has been adapted to act as a dedicated server for ITN only. It will be on 24/7 with all updates and other operations scheduled automatically. Even though updates have been quite reliable lately this enhances the chance of a succesful update, since it doesn't require to be turned on and manually scheduled every time. We will monitor the situation for the first few updates to see if it works fine, after this it will go at full power.

Updated: 6.00pm Friday 10th April NO RESALE BLOCK - RULES UPDATE We have been reviewing, with help from Administrators as well, the no resale block rule on players. From today on these are going to be the new limits: Sold players (both via transfer list and private deals): 8 weeks Contract renewals: 3 weeks Youth Academy Promotions: 3 weeks We hope this will be beneficial for the transfer market, and will make the game more enjoyable. On the counterpart this means that the (not very legal) habit of exchanging poor players for high amounts as a swap for good players still blocked will not be allowed anymore. All deals must be fair and must respect the true value of the players. We invite all managers to report to Administrators all situations where they think this will not be respected. As usual, deals deemed to be "unfair" will either be adjusted or reversed.

Updated: 6.00pm Thursday 10th February CHANGE IN ITN STAFF This is to inform you that Jon Smart has resigned from the Moderator position in the ITN staff group for personal reasons. We would really like to thank him publicly for his help with the game and the community, help which was very appreciated on our part. At the moment Jon won't be replaced as we still have Niko and Neil, plus Admins can help if needed. We take the opportunity to remind everyone to respect our behaviour rules and be a helpful in keeping a nice atmosphere in the game for the enjoyment of everyone. The fact there's one staff member less than before doesn't mean rules changed or that they will be reduced.

Updated: 10.30pm Monday 24th January MANAGER OF THE SEASON 15 Manager of the season 15 is... Steve Churchill, manager of Borussia M`gladbach! The final table is: Steve Churchill 79, Andy Summers 32, Steven McCarthy 28, Ben Spurrier 13, Kevin Beck 11 An overwhelming victory for Steve, and we send our congratulations for a great season. Well done to the other contestants and good luck for the new season to them and to all ITN managers. We also take the time to thank all users who give a contribution for the good of the game, like Admins, Moderators, Reporters, and others who help in other ways, like Kevin for Unofficial MOTS, Andy for youth team competition, Gary for off topic forum prediction league and everyone else who we did not mention. This is what makes our community great!

Updated: 10.30pm Thursday 20th January UPDATE ON ITN As you've seen we've moved ITN Forum. This was something we didn't expect to do. The hosting company who hosts our website told us that one of causes of slowness we've experienced lately is ourselves. It seems our site was draining too much resources and slowing down not only us but all other users on their server. We decided then, with their assistance to move the forum out of the server, as a measure to try and get back into the limits. The consequences of our inability to meet their criteria would not be good for ITN. We are under control for this week from the hosting company and will hear at the end of the week, when they will check stats and tell us if we were able to obey their limits. This is also the reason why we moved the update. We've agreed with them that the best times to run it would be during European morning since that is the lowest busy moment of the day and we'd not cause disruptions. We perfectly understand that 6pm updates were popular and the best time of the day for the game, but we are sure also that you will understand this is absolutely for the good of ITN. We are running a poll on the forum about updates time, please take time to have your say. In the meantime NEXT UPDATE WILL BE RUN MONDAY JAN 24nd AT 9.30AM GMT

Updated: 7.50pm Monday 10th January END OF SEASON 15 NEWS As usual, you will find our End of Season report by clicking here.

Updated: 11.15am Wednesday 8th December IN THE NEWS! - MOBILE...UPDATE Here we come with two great news for the ITN Community. As you may have already noticed there's a new section in our forum called "In The News" It's our new column where you can find managers interviews, latest news from the ITN grounds and so on... It already started off with great reads, and it looks like it's going to be great fun! There is a new link in the "Interact" menu that will link you directly to the In The News section of the forum, you only need to login if you are not. And for those of you who haven't got a forum account, make sure you ask for it, don't miss In The News! Thanks to Steve, Matthew and Mark for their help with this new feature. On a side note, there's another news that will improve our game for sure. We've created a new system for updates which will allow us to directly access to the update process via mobile phone. This means that we might be able, should the update stop and we're not near the computer running it, to solve the issue from anywhere. This still has to be tested in critical situations, also because it's not easy to work on such issues from a mobile screen, but at least it might be useful for small issues or to keep you update about a late update. Let's hope this will improve the reliability of ITN even more!

Updated: 12.00am Saturday 20th November PRIVATE DEALS We have added a code piece to the private transfers page which will record every single private deal together with player's age, and the numeric values leading to the decision if the player is retiring or not. We believe that this can be the best way to understand if there's actually a glitch or not, and eventually help us to solve it. As you have already seen from the Forum or the private transfer page, we have already solved the glitch allowing a retiring player to sign a longer contract than his actual one. We will keep you updated about what we found. IT NOW WORKS. ISSUE CLOSED.

Updated: 11.30pm Thursday 28th October UPDATE: 31th October Please note that due to an electrical power issue on our area Sunday's updated has been postponed to MONDAY 1st NOVEMBER at 9.00 AM GMT Make sure you submit your team on Sunday as usual so you won't fear to miss it.

Updated: 5.00pm Wednesday 27th October UPDATE: 27th October

Please note that due to recent problems with updates, we're testing a tweak we have prepared for reducing update time while making sure it becomes more reliable. This means we will probably have to run the update more than once if we need to adjust something en-route. Please expect a longer update, probably in the region of 45 mins. We will keep you updated in the forum though, especially if things are going longer than expected.

Updated: 10.00pm Sunday 24th October ITN REPORTERS: THE WINNERS! Here's the new reporters chosen by our users: Steve Churchill with 40 votes, Matthew Lewton with 34 and Mark Baldwin with 27. We thank also the managers who missed out but gave their availability to help with the community: James Templeman (21 votes), Matthew Gedye (14), Tom Wilton (12) and Dean Hunter (10). Thanks also to all users who showed interest in the new feature. We really believe there will be some very interesting reads, and this will help our game growing!

Updated: 6.00pm Saturday 9th October ITN REPORTER Here's a new opportunity for our community. We would like to create a new "column" for our newspaper. The ITN interviews, where users are interviewed about the game and/or any other subject by a reporter. We believe this could turn out to be a great addition for our community, and we're sure we could have some great reads, as well as know each other better. For this reason, we are looking for a volunteer who would like to be the interviewer, and carry on this little column for the community. Anyone who think could do the task, please write your name on the thread in the General forum called "ITN reporter candidates". After one week (Thursday 14th October at 6pm GMT) the candidates thread will be closed and all volunteers will be inserted into a poll, where all ITN users can vote and decide who will be the chosen Reporter.

AND THE WINNER IS... Season 14 Manager of the Season Competition has the new winner It's Neil manager of Ferencvaros! Here's the final results: 1. Neil Roberts 73 pts; 2. Sasa Palavra 43 pts; 3. Dan Morphew 19 pts; 4. Ricky Graves 17 pts; Andy Summers 5 pts.Our congratulations goes to Neil, to all managers involved, and to the 157 managers who casted their vote.Finally, good luck everyone for the new season. Who'll be our next Manager of the Season?

END OF SEASON 14 UPDATES AND TWEAKS - PART 2 The second part of our announcement is here! Click here to read the announcement

END OF SEASON 14 UPDATES AND TWEAKS - PART 1 Here's a resume on what changes and what's new for the coming Season #15. There will be two parts. One coming out right now, with stuff already ready, a second part will be announced on Monday/Tuesday when it will be finalized. Let's start with the first part!
Click here to read the announcement

PLAYERS VIEWS A new feature is available from today. On your players page you will see a new line: "Players Views". This is a kind of "press interview" of your players where they will say what they think about their situation in your team. If they're happy or not, if they are likely to stay or not. At the moment this is only on a testing purpose, and will have no direct effect on the game. But in a few months this will be the new criteria when renewing a player's contract. The idea behind it is that managers who cares for their best players will be able to keep them, but if some players do not receive enough attentions or their manager is not caring enough someone might turn unhappy, like it happens in real football anyway... A number of factors decides the view of your player. They are: Morale, attitude of the player to be loyal to a team, regular 1st team football (ratio: played league games vs total team league games played, plus the outcome is modified by age; younger players might accept more the fact they're not playing regularly since they're still learning. Older players will be less keen to play in the reserves instead), friendlies played (playing in friendlies is not good enough as 1st team football, but it's surely better than not playing at all), team level (small effect), team table position (small effect), money of the team compared to league position (if the club is rich but bottom of the table the player might think the manager doesn't want to strengthen the team; small effect though). Therefore you have a number of factor in which you have an active role, you can now "persuade" the player to stay, or better, the player might change his mind when he's initially refusing a contract. With this we want to add more realism to the game, as well as add an interation with your players: when you read they're unhappy, you can try to change their minds! And they might do, and sign for you again!

Updated: 6.00pm Saturday 8th May FREE LIST PLAYERS ASSIGNMENT We realized Free Agents were not assigned as we liked to. In particular we though the criteria actually used by the system were not the correct ones to improve the game, and some teams appeared to get more players than others. For this reasons, we have now improved this game section, by introducing a new set of factors which will decide who gets the contested Free Agent. This is active from tomorrow update. These factors will be: - Contract wage offered: players will be more keen to accept an higher offer, but if the offer is too big, they might think the team is expecting too much from them and might refuse the offer. - Contract length offered: again players will be more likely to accept a longer bid than a shorter one, but if they won't want to commit themselves for too long. - Number of free agents won in the current season: For every free agent won during the season, the chance of getting another one decreases. Some minor factors will enter in the calculation too, although with a lower impact than the first three factors above: - Team Level combined with Team league position: Before this tweak Team Level had a big impact, now it has been reduced, but there's still a little help for lower divisions teams. This time this is combined with League Position: a player will be more likely to go to a team playing for promotion than to the bottom clubs. - Number of players in a team: a free agent might prefer to join a team with 25 players, than one with 45, of course he will have more chances to play... - Age combined with Team Level: younger players will think that playing in a lower division team might help them playing more often, while mature players will think that playing in the lower divisions is a step back in their careers.

Updated: 8.20pm Monday 19th April PATCH ON CONTRACTS Another small patch has been added to the ITN game engine for last update. From now on players older than 36 will see their contracts decreasing one week at a time also if they're in a managerless team. So far managerless teams had "frozen" players contracts to avoid that those teams would run out of players with time. On the counterpart very old players kept staying in those teams, some of them with still 60-80 weeks on their contract. With this patch they will slowly head towards expiring and go into the free list.

Updated: 4.30pm Friday 9th April PATCHES Three patches have been released yesterday. We've had some problems lately with the International World cups draws, and we realized there was a few bugs on them. The new patches go to fix the way the system assign table position for U21 teams, then fix the World Cup Qualifiers draw again for U21 and finally fix the World Cup draw for both senior and U21 draws. We've tested them with simulated data but of course the real test is when they will go live.

Updated: 8.30pm Thursday 1st April PLAYERS THOUGHTS DETAILS As you might have guessed, it was just a fools joke, although a bit late (unfortunately we work during the morning!) Anyway, we just hope to have brought a smile to your face, with those not very serious players comments. We also take the chance to wish you happy holidays for those who celebrates. Please note that MD 11 will be performed on Monday night 9pm instead of Sunday, since everyone is on holiday, and also most of you will probably be.

Updated: 6.45pm Thursday 1st April PLAYERS THOUGHTS A new feature is active from today! Players thoughts is a series of messages that players send out to their managers, so that they understand how they feel at the team This will has an impact (although very small) on their performances and desire to renew their contracts. More info will be available soon, although you will have to work out how this work a bit...

Updated: 10.45pm Sunday 21st March MANAGER OF THE SEASON 13 Here's the winner of the Manager of the Season 13! Congratulations to... Ben Hutton of Sturm Graz for his first MOTS award! Winning the competition with a total of 73 votes! 2nd place for the evergreen Jon Smart with 52 votes, then David Pollock with 18 votes and finally Andy Summers with 16 votes. Well done to them all, and thanks to the 159 managers who took the time to vote for the MOTS. That's an amazing percentage! Let's begin the battle for next season's award!

Updated: 0.50am Saturday 20th March ITN ARCADE FEATURE The ITN Arcade Forum feature is now active for all users (and not only...)! This is a side project of ITN which is not directly related to our game. It comes from a suggestion by Neil, in order to have some fun games, like in the old ITN, to pass on the site while waiting for the update to run, or during a down of the site (hopefully not!) or just for the fun of it... Therefore we added this module available for phpbb forums, which has some pretty nice features in it, like the managers ranking with the arcade podium. We think it could be a nice addition to the ITN world, and it will be fun to see the battle for the podium, as a side dish on the ITN menu! Moreover, we thought to allow also to non managers the chance to play the arcade games, but to require the subscription to save game records. We believe this could come out as a chance to promote ITN and attract new managers to the game. So feel free to have a go and we will keep an eye on how things go. If people enjoy the arcade, we might add a few games from time to time to make it bigger and increase the fun!

Updated: 5.40pm Wednesday 17th February TRANSFERS FIX Thanks to the reports of a few of our managers we have found a glitch in the Transfer List deals of this season. Due to an error on the Update code (but not on the website pages like contract renewals, immediate transfers and so on...) when a player 31 years old or older was transferred via the Transfer List, he was automatically signing his last contract. This is obviously wrong since the chance of retirement should grow with age, but should be very low at 31 or 32! The code has been already fixed, although we will see only on Sunday if it works accordingly to our expectations, since the transfers part runs only on main updates. As for the transfers which occurred from day 1 of Season 13 (when we changed this feature), all players older than 30 sold via Transfer List are now retiring, and it's obviously not fair. Therefore all players who have a chance of not retiring will be manually fixed and taken out of retirement. As you may guess this work will take a few days to be done, since we have to manually scan all transfers of this season. So please be patient, and contact us only if your players are not fixed after 5-6 days from today. SUNDAYS UPDATES AT 9pm GMT. After experiencing problems at peak times (like 6pm) in particular on Sundays (today included), we have decided to move these updates to 9PM GMT, since the lines are much more reliable at that time. Also we're sure to be available later at night, and this is very important. The risk is that no one is available at 6pm and ITN could stay down for 2-3 hours without being able to update you. Therefore, until the issue with the broadband company is sorted we are moving all Sundays updates to 9pm GMT. We hope it won't cause you much disturb, and that you will understand this is for the good of the game, and as a kind of respect to our managers, since it's not fair to leave people waiting for hours.

Updated: 8.00pm Saturday 30th January MATCHDAY 50Please note that Matchday 50, scheduled for tomorrow Sunday 31st January, will be performed at 8pm GMT. Because of this, ITN website will be available until 8pm.

Updated: 10.45pm Wednesday 18th November DID YOU READ MY MESSAGE? Have you ever wondered if the private message you sent to another user has been read or not? Maybe it was something urgent and you really hope your pal saw the message before logging out... You will be able to know from now on, thanks to the new icon system! From now on, when you access the sent messages page, you will see a set of green icons, similar to those in the received messages page. Here they are: Your message has not been read yet. Your message has been read. Your message has been deleted.

Updated: 7.20pm Friday 13th November U21 WORLD CUP DRAW ERROR We thought we had solved the wrong U21 World Cup draw problem, but is seems we didn't. For some reason the system picks up the same nations both for Senior and U21 Nations (which are the Senior qualified teams). Do not worry anyway, the draw for the U21 World Cup will be run tomorrow morning with a manual engine. No need then to report the problem as we're aware of it and it will be sorted tomorrow by noon. Managers of U21 teams that qualified but are not drawn, please DO NOT FIX FRIENDLIES!

Updated: 7.30pm Friday 16th October MANAGER OF THE SEASON AND A FEW NEWS And the winner is... Jon Smart! Final voting: Jon Smart (Rennes) 64; Steven McCarthy (Real Oviedo & Russia) 35; Michael Plaxton (Sydney) 24; Kevin Beck (Sheffield Wednesday) 12; Richard Buy (Deportivo de La Coruna) 3. Congratulations to the winner for his great season, but also to all contestants, and thanks to all voting managers! On a side note we are very sorry for Hugh Maltby. Due to a mistake on our part, he didn't enter the competition when he was entitled to. We are to blame and we hope Hugh will forgive us! Update: we are also sorry for not being able to warn you all in time about tonight update late running. We were able to do it on the forum as it is immediate, but not on the site. Unfortunately the hosting company told us about a problem at the last gasp, and we were forced to work to solve it as quickly as possible. We suggest anyway everyone to subscribe to the forum so that they're updated in real time everytime we are able to, so you'd have more fresh news from there. Finally the tweak about players not willing to renew contract has been temporarily suspended and a new version will be installed soon.

Updated: 8.30pm Friday 9th October END OF SEASON 12 TWEAKS Please find End of Season 12 tweaks here. These are now operative. The Manager of The Season page is now working, please cast your vote! Please note also that next update will be run on MONDAY 12th October 6pm GMT. This is due to the final part of the code running for the first time and we want to be all operative and ready in case of need. We would like to give our congratulations to all winning managers and to cheer up the relegated ones wishing a quick bounce up. We want to thank you also all managers helping out with friendly tournaments, using their time to make ITN better, thank you! Good luck also for the coming season to everyone!

Updated: 3.00pm Saturday 29th August NEW LOAN SETUP We are very pleased to announce an upgrade to the loan setup, which will hopefully meet users requests as well as ease disputes about end of season loans. This is the new loan scheme: Loan length options for 1-2-3 weeks have been removed. This was both creating disputes and making the game not realistic. Which football team would loan a player for 1 match? Options for 4-5-6-7-8 weeks will be still available. A new option is available to you from now on, the 14 weeks loan. This will come in handy in order to reduce the loss of slots used for renew long loans, in particular when higher level teams lend their youngsters to low level teams. In fact the combination of 14 + 8 (or less as the season goes on) will allow to have a season loan with only 2 deals. The 4 weeks option though can be used until Match Day 50. After that Match Day only 5-6-7-8-14 weeks loans will be available. And finally a new feature which we believe will make our users very happy (as they requested it many times). From now on you will be able to recall a player of your team loaned to another one when this team remains managerless. No need to say this was causing players to lose match practise, or on the contrary being fielded automatically even if unfit. It's good news to know it's a thing of the past! Please note anyway that this new recall system replaces the old one, which means you won't be able to recall a player if the manager is still at his place. We also remind everyone that (in a similar way to private deals) loan deals are negotiations carried on at managers own risk and therefore, unless they are deemed as unfair, they will not be deleted or reduced by the Gamemasters. If you are not sure about a loan, just go for a shorter period.

Updated: 13.45pm Saturday 22nd August MATCHDAY 47 Please note that MD 47 (next) will be run on Monday 24th August at 6pm GMT. This is due to an absence of Ian, combined to the fact that Sonia connection is still not reliable, therefore, as we've had a great run of quick updates lately, we don't want to spoil all the good work and take the risk of a 5-6 hours downtime to the site. Sorry for the disruption, and enjoy your weekend.

Updated: 11.30pm Tuesday 28th July END OF SEASON 12 PREVIEW Please find a preview for End of Season 12 tweaks here It's important for all managers to read, in order to decide your strategies! Another important news! The new edition of the PREDICTION LEAGUE run by Real Sociedad manager Hugh Maltby is ready to start! If you want to have a go, and enjoy this great game, please visit the PREDICTION LEAGUE section on the Forum. Thanks to Hugh for his time and to all users who will take part in this season prediction league.

Updated: 11.30pm Tuesday 28th July FORUM UPDATE Please note that ITN Forum will go down at 11.45 pm tonight for the update to version 3.0.5. We do hope it will be a quick fix, first a backup, and then the update. We hope to complete the task in 30-45 mins. Sorry for the short notice, but we believe this time of the day is the one that causes less disruption to our users.

Updated: 10.15pm Tuesday 14th July A WHOLE LOT OF NEWS! A few news to keep you updated. First of all we have changed all pages and parts of the code about players resale. From now on, to reflect the reduction of season length, the period of no-resale will last 8 weeks instead of actual 10. This applies to all kind of transfers, contract renewals and so on. FORUM HELPDESK! - We keep receiving enquiring from users asking to accept their forum accounts, change passwords and so on Of course this is taking much time to us, as we have to do all this stuff manually. So we thought to write a tutorial on how to apply to the forum, and what to do if the password has been forgotten. You can reach it here! Tutorial. We are going to add it to the Help section too. HOLIDAYS! - ITN team will go on summer holidays sooner or later... Ian will be on holiday from July 19th to July 26th while Sonia and Enrico will be on the 2nd week of August. ITN won't go on holiday anyway, since someone is always available. Anyway we're trying a new emergency system. Ian's new netbook has been equipped with all ITN stuff, and will travel together on holiday! We have no news if the wireless connection will be enough in case we need it, but better have another backup plan! And by saying this we wish all ITN users to enjoy their holidays too!

Updated: 6.45pm Sunday 12th July TODAY'S UPDATE Due to a extremely poor connection on both our places it is impossible to run the update at this stage. It takes minutes to complete any operation, even posting of the forum... Anyway we're opening the site again for you, so you will be able to use it anyway, but the update will have to be moved when the connection will be in a decent state in one of the two systems. As you can guess there's no estimate time since we cannot do anything and have to wait for the line to be back again. Anyway the update will be run as soon as the connection is ok, so if you suddenly see ITN closed that will be the reason. Sorry for the delay, we hope to be able to run today's matches as soon as possible. All sorted now.

Updated: 6.00pm Wednesday 8th July USERS BEHAVIOUR We have tried not to be a Police in ITN, by leaving a just a few behaviour rules and guidelines, and trying to "let it go" on some occasions, but it seems it was a wrong move, since these days we are losing half of our time in ITN to solve disputes, accusations, cheating and so on. This is not the atmosphere we want in ITN at all. If users, let free, cannot regulate themselves, or keeping a decent behaviour we are forced to step in. Therefore these are new and urgent rules already operative, even if not yet integrated in the game rules. From now on it will be absolutely forbidden to: accuse another manager of cheating, question another manager sale or price of sale, question or comment Gamemasters, Administrators and Moderators decisions or actions, offend or denigrate other users. All these infringements will be sanctioned with a month suspension from Forum, Notice Board and Newspaper on the 1st offence, and the definitive immediate ban from ITN on the 2nd offence. You can report a cheating, or suspect of cheating, or report unfair sales or prices, or report a behaviour you consider wrong from Gamemasters, Administrators and Moderators to either Ian, John Bishop or Ian Graham. This is the correct place to do so not by ruining the good atmosphere of ITN by exchanging accusations and suspects eachother in public forums. If you want to report a wrong behaviour on Forum, Noticeboard and Newspaper you can refer to the Moderators, Niko, Jon and Neil. All ITN staff are asked to follow these instructions. The staff will consider and look into all report coming (also on our forums) and take proper action, which is not necessarily going to be made public, as it may be unfair for users' privacy.

Updated: 6.45pm Tuesday 7th JulyMANAGER APPOINTMENTS AND UPDATES We have been working again on updates today, with the final step of this long troubleshooting process. As previously said, we realized there was a bug on the manager appointment process of the update. This system worked fine when there were a few managerless teams, but with the addition of new teams, it turned out to be very slow and resource wasting. Therefore we actually removed this process for club teams, while it will keep working for International teams. From now on the appointment will be performed taking over straight away on request, as it works for Level D teams, but managers will need 8,000 points to be able to apply to available Premier or A level teams, to avoid complete beginners at that level. As a result, the cut of this procedure will lead to a further reduction of update length. We cannot say exactly how many minutes will be saved, as it was never the same amount, depending on the server and connection state, anyway we believe it should be more than 5 minutes.

Updated: 5.00pm Tuesday 23rd June Updates and players shortage Our attention on updates remains high. As you might have noticed no delay occurred on Sunday's much awaited update. This is a huge result, which we were really expecting. We want to have a look at this at least for another couple of weeks before saying the patch is working 100% fine anyway. But surely our confidence starts to grow! During Wednesday or Friday's updates we will try running it from Ian place, to see if the system is reliable there too. After this we will concentrate on the "Manager appointments patch" who should reduce update time even more. In the meantime we are working on the game aspects too. And we are bringing in a temporary change to players promotion. As many of you already pointed out, there seems to be a players shortage in the game (free list tells for sure...). This isn't bad at the moment, but could be in the future, according to our studies. There are a few causes to this: ITN team appoitments with teams in debt. We are firing all (many) retiring players and bringing in free players. This way we only take away players from free list without adding new ones (as we only fire retiring ones). Also, managers average 38.5 players in their teams, meaning that new teams (started with 35 players each) take away on average 3.5 players each to the free list. And more important, future changes with players retirements (probably due for next season) could make this even worse as we might have more retiring players coming over to make the game more realistic and bug free. For this reason we are going to add a few more players in the game, to fight with these downsides, and we will perform this by reducing the waiting between consecutive promotions. Only until the end of this season you will be able to promote a new youth player every 7 weeks. This should add some 30-40 more players to the game and the free list.

Updated: 4.45pm Tuesday 16th June Again on Updates... As previously announced we fully tested the new update system during last Sunday's update. As you may have noticed there wasn't any delay to the update, and in fact the procedure ran correctly at first attempt. What we've learned on Sunday is that the files are written correctly and without stopping, which is a huge achievement, but it is not the final proof that everything is working as we want to. Since problems happened sometimes with full schedule (especially when league games happen on Sunday, so that we have a full schedule of games, 496, conbined with main update operations) we will need to run updates for a few weeks to be sure it never stops for timeout again. We are really awaiting this, but as you know, never be too sure with computers...

Updated: 2.00pm Saturday 13th June U21 World Cup draw and... Updates Update U21 World Cup draw has been done again, as well as some friendlies already agreed were cancelled for qualified teams, please all International managers should check if everything is fine with their matches. Please report anything strange. Updates: due to personal duties we had to slow down with updates fixing during last week, but last night we run an important test. Before the real update took place yesterday, we ran a partial update 20 minutes before 6PM. In this test we tried two tweaks. Update file splitting and the exclusion of manager appointments part of the code. We realized that around 80-90% of all the failed updates are caused by the growth of one particular update file over a certain size. We believe this led the hosting server to time out our application and stop the updates. We have now changed the update code to split the writings in two files, so that their size remains acceptable. We have tested this yesterday, and files were created correctly (but we ran the update with the old system). Therefore tomorrow (Sunday 13th) we will try to run the update with the new system from beginning to end. We ask for your help and comprehension if the update could take a bit more than usual, should things need to be fixed or changed. As for manager appointments section (as we already told you) we realized the update stops for several minutes in this procedure, without any reason. Yesterday test confirmed that 9 minutes 30 seconds of update were lost due to this. We will therefore find a patch to either remove or change the appointments system, since it is not acceptable such a loss of time for such a short section and number of operations. We will inform you during next weeks about the solution we will find.

Updated: 7.30pm Thursday 11th June World Cup and International Tournaments The World Cup qualifiers are over, and the qualified teams are warming up their engines for 2nd ITN World Cup. Congratulations to all those managers who will be playing for this great tournament! For the unlucky ones instead, there's a good news waiting: If you go to the International Teams section on ITN forum, you will be able to apply to Jon's Season 12 Int. Friendly Comp
Make sure you sign in!

Updated: 13.30pm Saturday 30th May Updates: works in progress Last night we carried out an experiment to make updates more reliable. Basically the aim of this is to minimize the chances of an update stopping for timeout reasons. What we saw last night was a good result, as the files were created as we wanted but we couldn't actually see if our job was successful, as we need a full schedule update to be sure it works. This will happen on Wednesday June 3rd when the league games are played and so the biggest number of games played occurs. In that occasion we will run the definitive version of our tweak. We expect no delays as we already tested this feature yesterday but anyway, should a small delay occur, it would be due to this. While checking the whole process we realized that a huge amount of update time is wasted by the appoint manager section, and we will try to solve this problem too. It could lead to a reduction of update time in the measure of 7-8 minutes. Because of this Sonia could carry on another test on Sunday May 30th, hoping again in no impact for you.

Updated: 14.40pm Sunday 24th May Next update Next update will be at 10pm gmt for technical problems - Thanks for your comprehension

Updated: 6.45pm Monday 18th May Manager of the Season #11 Here is the vote counting for last season Manager of the Season award!
1. Jafafa Azaz (River Plate) 58 votes; 2. Navid Rasool (Lyon) 38 votes; 3. Wayne Robinson (Orlando Pirates) 19 votes; 4. Andy Waring (Compostela) 18 votes; 5. Preston Ward (Malmo) 12 votes; 6. Steven McCarthy (Oviedo) 9 votes.
Congratulations to Jafafa on his first award, to all contestant for their great seasons anyway, and thanks to the 154 managers who voted for this MOTS award. Thanks also to Ellis for his unofficial awards!

Updated: 6.45pm Tuesday 5th May End of the season On Wednesday May 6th will take place the last update of the season. This contains a lot of changes we've made to the gamecode for the end of season procedures, and it will be run for the 1st time ever, since the new league Level D) and new International setup addings. We will be watching the update very carefully as well as performing end of season maintenance works. We have planned no stops for the game. It will continue normally and the new season will begin on Friday already, but we will need one to two hours to perform our tasks and check if everything is in place. Therefore the update will normally start at 6PM GMT time but ITN will be available again from 7PM to 8PM. As soon as we finish our works the site will be released. Sorry for the delay but we're trying to reduce the season changeover as much as possible.

Updated: 6.30pm Wednesday 29th April Updates... First of all we would like to congratulate with all winning managers, both on their leagues success, and on a breathtaking World Cup season. It was the first one with the new format, and we really enjoyed seeing all the suspence it created like it was a real World Cup. The winners will have the joy to be the first ones in ITN history! We're sorry of course for the losers as they really came close after a great season anyway. Good luck also to the managers who got relegated in their league, hoping for a quick bounce back. We leave you only a quick service message: 1st May is bank holiday in Italy, so Sonia will have a few days out from Friday to Sunday. Ian will guarantee Friday's update as usual, while Sunday's one will be run MONDAY 4th May 6pm. This has little impact as it makes longer the wait from Friday but shortens the one to Wednesday, but still we wanted to provide the best possible service, being present on the updates.

Updated: 7.30pm Monday 27th April New game improvements Another set of improvements from today's team work. The limit of no posting again if you were the last poster on Notice Board has been removed. It was annoying sometimes, but we rely on users' behaviour. We can stay without that limit if everyone uses the board with care. We have then reduced the Matchdays limit to have a new team from 39 to 18 (6 weeks). With many teams available it is not so necessary to have a long period. Still a few weeks are needed to avoid jumping from one side to another. If a manager is still waiting for his period to expire before this tweak can contact me (Ian F) to apply to this new rule. The fitness reset to 100% at the end of season is now active (it was announced last season though). Corrected the message of "club fined" for not fielding a team with the proper figure (150,000). Changed the menu with "Guest view/Back to website" as it wasn't so clear for a new user that he had to click on there to go back to the website after updates. We have still something more coming, most probably at the beginning of the new season.

Updated: 7.30pm Wednesday 22nd April End of Season tweaks and works We started today a bit of tweaks and works for the end of season. We give you here an update. On the side of updates we still have some problem, slowing down updates and making them not completely reliable. We will hear also the hosting company if they can do something for us, we have a few ideas anyway on how to solve problems. On the game side we have completed the correction of the bug affecting training. This will solve "over the top" values. We've also discovered the bug that sometimes caused wrong figures on stadia decreasing, fixed today too. We have tweaked Fitness as it was going down too fast. Players will now recover more fitness naturally (outside of fitness training). We also decreased the maximum length of injuries as the season now is shorter (from 15wks to 12wks). The chance of attribute decreasing has also been slightly tweaked. Younger players will decrease even less than before, while older ones will decrease more than before (you won't notice big changes though on this). More will follow...

Updated: 9.45pm Thursday 2nd April Players names correction During last upload of datas from the hosting server, some foreign letters were changed into strange symbols in players names. Changing them manually like the first time would really take ages, and a lot of work. Therefore, since we have a backup copy of names after the previous manual correction, the easiest way would be to upload this copy of ours, replacing the corrupted one. To do this of course, we will need to take down the site for one to two hours, otherwise you would have troubles using the site. To minimize the disruption for you anyway we are going to perform this tomorrow late at night, when few users are usually online. So ITN will be down for scheduled maintenance Friday 3rd April starting Midnight GMT for 1 to 2 hours. We cannot do this later, as we are one hour in front, and don't want to end up too late...

Updated: 9.00am Wednesday 1st April IMPORTANT!Due to an error in our match engine last night, we've been forced to restore a backup of our database. The good news is that we restored almost everything with the most updated datas, except for some few data between the night of March 30th and up to 6pm March 31st. Therefore make sure you are checking if your match submissions are in place, or if you need to submit them again. We suggest you to check also for your latest transfers, contract renewals etc. in case you submitted them during the time we mentioned before. We did check anyway and they were very few (a dozen in total) but could not restore them as they were corrupted. We also decided to move the update 1 hour later (7PM GMT) as some managers may not have realized what happened and they should have the chance to set their team in case it was deleted. Since most managers login from 6PM to 7PM to see the final scores, we decided to run it at 7PM. The site will stay up until then.

Updated: 1.30pm Sunday 15th March News. Only a few lines to update you on the latest works in progress. Backup: A few weeks ago, we were talking about a new backup system, allowing more stability to ITN in case of failure. We are glad to announce that we have finally launched this new tool, which has been working perfectly during the last three updates. General ITN backup will be run around 1hr before every update, as well as other periodical planned backups on other dates. This means two things: first, we hope in case of big failure, we should be able to take the game online straight back with the most updated datas. The other aspect is important for you. If backup is usually run around 1hr before of update, it means that everything you do before that time, should stay saved also in case of corrupted update. What you do after 5pm therefore, althought perfectly working for the update, could be lost in the rare case of an update problem. We suggest you therefore to submit your important team operations before 5pm on update dates, although corrupted updates happens very rarely, and only operate emergency changes at the last minutes. Wrong player stats: we have been working hard in the last weeks to remove the bug on players of the new level D teams. Basically, an unknown bug on the players creation engine duplicated some players' stats lines so that the match engine cannot update them. We are manually removing them, as there's no other way, so we will need a few more days to complete the task Please note anyway that on 99% of players the career stats are showing correctly. The wrong ones are the seasonal stats. We are not worried about this, as seasonal ones are to be deleted at the end of season anyway. The important thing is that career ones are correct, as they stay for the whole life of the player. Player names displaying with wrong characters: We are manually changing these too, most players should display correctly now, but we will need a few more days to complete the whole 21,500 ITN players.

Updated: 10.45pm Sunday 1st March Project: Users behaviour code/etiquette. Some of you will surely remember we run a thread about users behaviour on ITN. In particular we asked the community about setting a few behaviour rules agreed by everyone. The thread was very interesting and many ideas brought up by users have been collected and discussed by Gamemasters, Admins and Moderators, in order to choose the best ones and draw our behaviour rules. We liked the idea to keep as much as possible the rules written by our users, so probably some users will recognize their own proposal, as they gave it to us. You can find them on the help section (top bar) at the Cheating/Abusive Behaviour chapter. We strongly recommend you to read them, as from now on, we will treat them as official rules. Allow us to thank you all for your ideas and Admins/Moderators for help in drawing the final version. On the game side, we're working on cleaning up the database from the error showing bad stats on new teams players. We're also working on manually correct players names with wrong characters.

Updated: 8.45pm Sunday 8th February CUP DRAWS As you all can see Level Cup draws are not correct. No need for you to let us know, as we're already aware and will correct the issue this week. Draws will be replayed and all correct teams will go through.

Updated: 7.30pm Sunday 28th January A BIT OF NEWS First of all we're glad to announce that the recovery schedule has gone as expected, and we have catched up with the correct schedule. Before yesterday update we took some time to bring in a few corrections to ITN: First of all we've studied a new backup system, which will make ITN much more reliable. We hope it will be ready to start working in the next weeks. This new system will allow us to backup the site much more often than now, and in particular before critical updates or changes performed to the game. We corrected also the Cup Competitions page which now displays correctly the World Cup tables, and we tweaked also the bug displaying twice Italy on the U20 World Cup, in the place it should have been of Bulgaria. The Help page was also updated with EOS 10 latest updates and with some needed explanations in critical topics. Some time has been used also to discover the reason why some newly created players didn't display properly their match stats. We've found the reason, and it will be repaired during next work session of the team. Finally we have cleaned up the new managers application process which seemed to have had some problems during the change of server.

Updated: 18.10pm Sunday 25th January DOWNTIME RECOVERY SCHEDULE Next updates will be as follows: Matchday 23 Tuesday 27th Jan 18:00 weekly update. Please note that the database was brought back to correct an issue, therefore we allowed one more day to insert your team selection, transfers and so on. Tonight matches have been postponed to Tuesday. Make sure to check your settings as if you did them during the day of Saturday and Sunday they may have been lost! Also if you've applied for a team you need to post again your submission. I remind everyone too that in order to subscribe to the forum the username you have to use is not the one you have for the ITN site but the handle you have on ITN (when you click on "Managers on site" in the tob bar, it's the name you see highlighted).

Updated: 10.20pm Wednesday 14th January TO KEEP YOU UPDATED! Welcome back to all managers. ITN is finally back, in its new house. We're glad it all went good, better than we expected actually, although it took a bit more time than we wanted to. This new "house" allow us much more space, and also more band usage. Thanks to you all we had an all time record in the month of november, in which we arrived at 60% of the whole band we could use; with just half of the potential users and the new forum coming there would have a big risk of not having enough. Also the new forum would have been affected, as we'd have to restrict to no attachments, no images and so on... an this would have been disgraceful. When ITN came online again we found some small glitches, and we will correct them as soon as possible. We are going to decide also the recovery schedule for matches, we will inform you shortly. NEW FORUM! And the much awaited new forum is finally released. We decided to go to an already made service, as we were in a rush. These ones anyway are good forums, with plenty of resources and add-ons, and also we found a graphic design we liked. Enrico said he would have created one, but honestly, now that we see it, we quite like this one; The colours are pretty good. We ask you to start using it, as the old forum will be completely deleted on Thursday 15th Jan. For this reason, we strongly suggest you to copy/paste your important discussions on the new forum, as after that date they will be lost forever (for example if you have friendly tournaments going on, with all stats from previous years and so on) Please note also that, if you already haven't, you must change your forum username to match the DISPLAYED NAME you use in ITN site (i.e. the name you see when you click on MANAGERS ON SITE). DOWNTIME RECOVERY SCHEDULE NEXT UPDATE FRIDAY 16th JANUARY (not fair to run it tomorrow as there is less than one day left). Please note also that, as previously said, there was an error with International teams friendlies. Some nations could arrange a friendly even though they were still playing qualifiers. Therefore all friendlies are being deleted, and you will be able to rearrange them (only the knocked out teams will be able to).

Updated: 11.30am Friday 26th December NEWS! We decided to allow Sonia a few hours to have fun... today's update is postponed to 10pm. ITN will be up and running until then. As we promised on End of Season page, more stuff coming! Please everyone have a look at EOS 10 where you will find very important news!

Updated: 4.20pm Sunday 21st December UPDATES We've had a bit of troubles with updates since the beginning of Season 11. All kind of things happened, and sometimes we've been unlucky with weird things happening. Finally Sonia's connection is working fine again, and last update (although an International one, with less matches) was run in 18 minutes, and we were quite happy with that. There is still something not working perfectly, but we've found a way to reduce updates time of around 10-15 minutes for team matchdays. With more teams updates will be longer than in the past, but anyway we hope to come to a good result with that change. This will be performed during one of next matchdays. As for tonight update please note that it has been postponed at 10pm GMT. Sonia has personal issues before that time, and we don't feel running an automated update as it would surely stop. Therefore we think it's better leaving the site up for you, until she's able to run the update.

Updated: 2.00pm Sunday 7th December MANAGERS OF THE SEASON 10 Final table: 1 Steve Churchill 59 votes 2 Matt Sanders 31 votes 3 Matt Ing 25 votes 4 Navid Rasool 18 votes 5 John Bishop 17 votes Congratulations to Steve Churchill for the second consecutive win! Congratulations also to the other 4 managers who battled out for the win. Thanks goes also to the 150 managers who voted for this competition!

Updated: 11.30pm Tuesday 25th November ANOTHER DOWNTIME ITN is finally back. As you could see, we experienced another downtime. Sometimes lady luck turn her shoulders against us, and what happened is very strange. We were informed by the hosting company that another user who is hosted in the same server as ITN caused a crash in the server, and therefore our update couldn't upload. The good news is that the update was correctly generated with the new matches and all the stuff, and this is a great news. There is also a concern that we hope to solve soon, hoping next update will be more lucky. For the same reason of last time (and you could see yourself) updates are still carried on one by one with our supervision. NEXT UPDATE (MATCHDAY 2 - WEEKLY UPDATE) SUNDAY 30TH NOV 6PM GMT.

Updated: Noon Saturday 22nd November ITN IS BACK! ITN is finally back.We would like to thank you all for your support and patience.It has been a hard week, but we're finally glad to have it back, although works are not over.We are already aware that not everything is working fine (i.e. cup competitions page, or some characters not displaying correctly), but that will be sorted in the next days.You can use ITN normally anyway, as that are only presentational issues, the database is correct.We've opened a thread in the general forum called "End Of Season 10 feedback" where you can tell us if you spot something not working, we'd really thank you if you could help us in this.All changes are reported in the page you already know: EOS 10 but there is still something new to come.Next matchday will be Monday 24th November 6pm.

Updated: 11.00pm Sunday 30th November TODAY'S UPDATE Another long update, and we apologize for this once again. But no bad news at the end, instead we're found a glitch in the code that was the concern we talked about last time, and it will be solved before next update. The friendly page should be working fine now, and friendlies can be arranged. Please notify us in case you still spot something strange, that would be important for us. Also the leagues positions are now sorted (all D level teams were showing as 1st placed). It is also with great pleasure that we announce you the appointment of a new Admin, as with George's temporary (hopefully) absence John was forced to heavy works due to game expansion. So please welcome Ian Graham to whom we send our congratulations and good luck. We take the chance also to thank George for all his great work for ITN, hoping to have him back. Big thanks goes also to John, and the 3 Moderators, Niko, Jon and Neil. Updates now goes on with the usual schedule (Wed, Fri, Sun). Plase also have a look at EOS 10 for more news.

Updated: 11.30pm Tuesday 25th November ANOTHER DOWNTIME ITN is finally back. As you could see, we experienced another downtime. Sometimes lady luck turn her shoulders against us, and what happened is very strange. We were informed by the hosting company that another user who is hosted in the same server as ITN caused a crash in the server, and therefore our update couldn't upload. The good news is that the update was correctly generated with the new matches and all the stuff, and this is a great news. There is also a concern that we hope to solve soon, hoping next update will be more lucky. For the same reason of last time (and you could see yourself) updates are still carried on one by one with our supervision. NEXT UPDATE (MATCHDAY 2 - WEEKLY UPDATE) SUNDAY 30TH NOV 6PM GMT.

Updated: Noon Saturday 22nd November ITN IS BACK! ITN is finally back.We would like to thank you all for your support and patience.It has been a hard week, but we're finally glad to have it back, although works are not over.We are already aware that not everything is working fine (i.e. cup competitions page, or some characters not displaying correctly), but that will be sorted in the next days.You can use ITN normally anyway, as that are only presentational issues, the database is correct.We've opened a thread in the general forum called "End Of Season 10 feedback" where you can tell us if you spot something not working, we'd really thank you if you could help us in this.All changes are reported in the page you already know: EOS 10 but there is still something new to come.Next matchday will be Monday 24th November 6pm.

Updated: 6.20pm Tuesday 18th November IMPORTANT NEWS! As you have noticed new International teams are available for winning bid managers to apply. If you're not one of these managers, please do not apply! As your application will be deleted. There is also one very important news.We are working very much on the site in these days, and in particular during the change between the 2 seasons. For this reason we need a lot of times for Wednesday's update, as a huge load of work must be performed. Therefore ITN will be down from Wednesday 19th November 6pm GMT to the whole Thursday 20th November.You will be kept updated anyway as usual. We know it may cause some disruption, but we're sure you all understand this is really needed for the growth of our game. In case we need much time, we will postpone the following matchdays to allow time to submit teams. - You still have this page open where we will add new features going live. - Prize money issue is being performed in this very moment, it needs time, so please be patient if you don't see it yet, all will be done. One last thing. I keep receiving a huge load of questions regarding new stuff and game aspects. I ask for your help, to contact me only for urgent things. I'm sure you all understand that we're running agaist time, and downtimes would be shorter if we can concentrate on the work only. So please, during these busy days, ask your questions on the forum, usually they're questions game-related and probably other managers already know the answers.

Updated: 10.30pm Sunday 16th November ITN: WORKS IN PROGRESS As some of you may have already noticed there are some pages not working properly in the site We are aware of this. Not only, this is necessary for the changes we're working on.We ask for your help and support for the whole coming week: we will be working very much on the site, and it will happen that ITN will be voluntarily brought down for programmed works.The first downtime is planned for tomorrow night MONDAY 17th November from 8.30PM to 10.30PMAnother downtime will be performed for Wednesday 19th November update, but this will be a much longer one.You will be kept updated anyway as usual. We know it may cause some disruption, but we're sure youall understand this is really needed for the growth of our game. - You still have this page open where we will add new features going live.- Prize money issue will be sorted soon, after we've checked what happened - You will also receive instructions on new Int. Teams during coming days

Updated: 3.15pm Tuesday 4th November END OF SEASON 10 Updates and New Stuff Another season has almost gone, and as happened at the end of last one, we are here with some updates and tweaks on ITN. We are currently trying to do our best to finish all the stuff in time for the new season, therefore we are currently unable to give you a detailed preview like we managed a few months ago. We will leave this page open for you to check and we will add to it all the features or changes as soon as they are done and tested. Of course we won't let anything go live without testing it first, or if we're not sure it works fine. We hope you will appreciate what we have thought for the new season, and good luck everyone!

Updated: 3.00pm Friday 31th October MAINTENANCE WORKS Please note that Sonia will be carrying on maintenance works tonight before running the update. As last time, we expect to complete all the stuff in 1,5 hrs. Do not worry in case it takes some more minutes, and thank you for your patience.

Updated: 2.40pm Saturday 18th October LOANS As discussions arose some time ago about loans at the end of the season, here comes the final decision. We decided it would be unfair to block loans, as some teams may need them. But it would be unfair as well allowing the top players to go out on loan for the odd week to win a promotion or a playoff. Therefore loans will be allowed and open until the end of the season, but loans submitted from now, October 18 2.40pm, until the end of the season, will be automatically renewed until week 6 included (not MD 6) of the new season. Particular requests, such as sales agreed at the end of the loan period are still possible. Please have a look at the "New Loan Rule" topic in General ITN forum to deal with these issues.

Updated: 11.05pm Monday 15th September IMPORTANT!!! The whole ITN team is going to London for a weekend. We will be absent from Friday 19th to Monday 22nd In that time there should be 2 updates (Friday and Sunday). There would be the possibility of the automated updates, but we don't want to use them this time. If connection drops during the update, or if the update fails, the site would stay down for 4 days, and we absolutely don't want this to happen. Therefore we decided to move the updates very slightly, to reduce the disruption as much as possible. Friday's update will be anticipated on THURSDAY 18th Sep at usual time (6pm) Sunday's update will be postponed to MONDAY 22nd Sep at 11pm Sonia assured that Monday's updated will be run even if we come back that very night, of course it can be a little late in case of late plane arrival... Sorry for the inconvenient.

Updated: 0.45am Saturday 13th September And the winner is... With Matchday 49 the Season 9 competition for Manager of The Season has closed his voting window. Here's the final table: 67 votes Steve Churchill (Borussia M`gladbach); 7 votes Paul Corns (Motherwell); 6 votes Michael Plaxton (Sydney FC and Spain); 6 votes Alex Barker (Bayern Mnchen and Holland); 4 votes Andy Waring (Compostela and Brazil). Therefore the winner of MOTS for Season 9 is Steve Churchill! Congratulations to him, and also to the other four managers for their great season anyway. And thank you to the 90 managers who partecipated by voting their favourite manager. We are very pleased to see the big interest you all showed in this competition.

Updated: 5.00pm Sunday 7th September Road works ahead...! Please be aware that on Wednesday 10th September Sonia will be performing works maintenance on ITN. All ITN datas are saved daily, but from time to time it is necessary to do complete backups and tests, and to do so we need all users to be outside ITN, to speed up the process and make it safer. Therefore it will be performed as the site goes out for the update and we estimate a downtime of 1h30'. We apologize, but we're also sure you will understand this is necessary for the "good health" of ITN.

Updated: 8.30pm Wednesday 3rd September And finally... MANAGER OF THE SEASON 9 contest is open! We are glad to announce that Manager of The Season 9 voting is open! We are sorry for the long wait, but it is not something running automatically and therefore needed some attention from us. Anyway now it is up and running, and will carry on from today, closing on Matchday 49. Feel free to cast your vote, and good luck to the Fab Five! Vote Here!

Updated: 8.00pm Friday 11th July Youth Promotions 3 DEFINITIVE The Youth Academy page is finally up and running. We tested it both offline and online and the outcome seems ok. Of course we'll need a bigger statistics, so we'll keep monitoring all youth players coming out from all teams.

Updated: 8.00pm Thursday 10th July Youth Promotions 2 We've put up a momentary youth academy page. It works well, so you can surely use it. As we already said the attribute engine hasn't been touched, so the quality of players coming out is the same of 2 months ago, or 1 year ago. When the definitive engine will be ready we'll put it up and see if it works.

Updated: 8.00pm Sunday 6th July Youth Promotions We've corrected problems in the Youth Academy page preventing the new engine to promote correctly. We tested it on a test page and it did work. But when the page was replaced, it didn't work, which is very weird. Therefore we disabled the page to prevent managers losing their academy weeks, until we sort it out. You will be noticed when the page is available again.

Updated: 6.00pm Friday 23rd May - Down
As you have noticed ITN has been down for quite a long period. A really unlucky coincidence created a very bad scenario, in which we had to rely not only on us, but also on the hosting company. They were very supportive and helpful but as you may imagine, they have their times and we must respect that. On top of misfortune the database kept going up incomplete, with us waiting even more for the job to be done.
Anyway the important thing is that ITN is back, and with small losses. The risk was to be forced to restore end of last season backup, which would have been a disgrace... The only point of restore bug-free we could find is around the 21st early morning, which leads to a loss of no more than half a day. But for this reason many managers at that time didn't submit their lineups and it would be unfair at this point to run the update immediately. No need for 20-30 abandoned matches and fines flowing. Therefore we are adding a poll, giving you the chance to decide when you want them, so that once again our users have their say and this time we must say they deserve it. We are very proud and relieved to see that we always got supportive messages instead of. complaining ones. And we thank so much for this. It was very frustrating for us too, maybe even more!
One last thing we ask you is to check and report us any strange thing you find. There might be some with all things happened If we can we'd be really glad to correct them. And remember to quickly vote for the updates!
Winner is Choice 3 so here's the recovery schedule:
Matchday 3 (replay) Sat 24/05 12:00
Matchday 4 Sun 25/05 18:00
Matchday 5 Tue 27/05 18:00
Matchday 6 Wed 28/05 18:00 (back to normal updates with this one)

Updated: 10.30pm Wednesday 14th May News! The first update with the new engine went well, even if we had a delay due to the database backup and we are now having a close look if everything is correct in the database We've noticed there's something wrong with Managers' Award, but it looks it is something not automated we were not aware of, we'll try to find the solution as soon as possible
Match Day 2 - Weekly Update As we told you from now on weekly updates are held together with international matches on Sundays. But this time, and this time only, we've decided to run it on Saturday at 5pm GMT. This is for two reasons: first is that all managers waited a long time for a weekly update, and we tried to shorten this wait. Second is because all the ITN team is away for a big duty on Sunday and to leave an automated update with all the new tweaks going on for the first time it is something we don't want to happen. We want to be there ready in case something goes wrong as you can see it can happen, hence the move to 5pm to have more time at our disposal. This will be the last change. From now on Match Days will be run on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday 6pm.

Updated: 8.30pm Monday 13th May Here's End of Season 9 Report #3 You can see it by

Updated: 6.00pm Thursday 8th May Here's End of Season 9 Report #2 You can see it by

Updated: 5.00pm Tuesday 6th May Here comes End of Season 9 Report #1 You can see it by

Updated: 20.00pm Sunday 27th April End of season planner
First of all we would like to send our congratulations to all ITN clubs, to the winners and promoted teams for achieving a great goal, to the relegated teams for battling out anyway, hoping they will bounce straight back, and all other teams for their efforts in keeping their league status. As the new season is arriving, as we promised, there will be some news in the ITN world. Some improvements, we are working on will be unveiled soon. They wont be huge ones, but a whole lot of needed fix, that we do hope they will enhance your game experience! Anyway we need to change a little bit our dates for the next weeks, so please take notice of these dates. We need this to allow us to improve the game.

Good luck for next season!

Updated: 18.00pm Wednesday 26th March New nations! The voting for our new international sides to be added has finished. Here they are: Mexico, Poland, Finland, Uruguay, Ivory Coast, Japan, Colombia, Egypt, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Ghana, Hungary, Chile, Korea Republic, Senegal, New Zealand, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Costa Rica, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China PR, Iceland, Jamaica, Latvia, Morocco, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Cyprus, Lithuania.
I would like to thank all the managers who told us their preferences, we were very happy for the great partecipation and this show us that people care about the improving of the game. I want to thank the staff as well as they were very useful and offered some of their spare time to help out with the game, for the benefit of all users.
Now this whole thing will disappear from your eyes, but it won't be stopped of course, it will work behind the stages. In the meantime, while working on these issues, we're preparing a whole lot of new stuff for the upcoming season. You will be informed in three consecutive "columns" at the end of the season!

Updated: 18.00pm Friday 21st March A little break! Would you believe also the players of the ITN world wants to spend Easter with their families? Could we force them to play? Jokes apart, we inform you that Sunday update has been postponed to Monday night 6pm. All of us will be away for the Easter (and we believe many managers too...) and we didn't feel like scheduling the update automatically. Should there be a problem the site would stay down for a whole day. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope you understand. This means we'll have matchday today, then on Monday, deadline of new nations poll on Tuesday, and international matches on Wednesday, interesting start of the week! Finally we would like to remind you, if you haven't done it already, that you can still vote for the new nations to be added in ITN on the forum section. Deadline is on Tuesday at 6pm, and official results will follow later that night!

Updated: 19.20pm Tuesday 18th March Have your say! The final stage of voting to create new active nations in ITN is starting right now. Make sure you have your say in the development of ITN! We really liked the 1st stage in which many of our users voted with great interest and love for the game. We hope for this 2nd stage there will be even more response from you all! You can find all this in the forum section->general ITN.
The season is going on, and approaching the last weeks in which all the competitions will find their winners, and unfortunalely, losers. We wish all the best to all teams hoping they can achieve their goals for the season. In this last weeks of the season we are proceeding with our works on the site, some you can see (like the voting) some are hidden in the background. We would like to tell you anyway that you will be informed of all news and new stuff at the end of the season. Stay tuned for some interesting news coming along!

Updated: 19.20pm Wednesday 5th March Good News! and bad ones...
First of all a good news! Our first feature is online! Although not perfectly finalized but we wanted it to be online as it was really needed. New managers (and old ones too...) will be able to understand which team is more suitable for them. We hope this will prevent new managers to get a team in heavy debt and leave immediately the game.
On the other side another failed attempt to initialize updates from Ian's pc. A bit annoying but we hope it will go better on Friday.

Updated: 23.00pm Wednesday 27th February To keep you up to date...
Some news to keep you all updated.
The last few updates went smooth and they were very quick which is a good thing, but we're still experiencing problems with our logistics. At the moment there's only one active computer as Sonia is having problems with broadband. You shouldn't have problems with that anyway as updates should run normally. As for new features we are not changing anything at the moment, first because we need to have everything working to do so, second because we are looking in depth at some aspects before acting. At the moment we are focusing on the inside economy of the game, to understand if teams have enough money and how money flows. We are collecting global datas and studying graphs. We are also carrying on the database update work, which takes a lot of time. There's not a specific date for it to be finished, also because it's working as normal for you and you won't notice anything at the moment. We are also trying to understand what is needed first for the game, and I can say the two features we will complete as our first tasks will be a tool helping when choosing a team to manage in the managerless teams page (as some teams are in a very bad shape) and a tool for Administrators, to help them with their job.
We will tell you something more as soon as there are news coming in! Thanks for your support!

Updated: 22.50pm Wednesday 30th January IMPORTANT NEWS
Tonight update was normally run on Sonia's pc. We could not test the new system tonight due to a problem with installations. We will probably try on Friday, so please be patient should the update take a little more than expected. Rule change Managers Absence: On the rules we can read If you have a friend in the game who you would like to look after your team during the absence you must ask the Gamesmaster for permission to do so (as logging into someone else's account is normally forbidden). as a possibility for managers who are away for a period of time. But lately this thing started to get out of hand. It has changed from an extraordinary chance, when other roads are not possible, to a everyday possibility, with managers requesting it even for just an update! Of course this can't go on. First of all for our precious admins, who will go mad trying to recognize who can login as someone else and who can't. Second for safety reasons (some kind of datas are visible once someone else logs in). This is also unnecessary work for us, having to pass to admins, or post, a good number of requests every week! Therefore the rule will change from today on. Only this part of the rule will remain: Please use the Manager - Settings to set your Absence Start and End date if you will not be able to login and submit team selections for a short period of time, but still wish to remain manager of a team. During your absence the same team as you selected before you left will play, unless there are injuries or suspensions when the computer will choose replacements. We think that the possibility of having this feature allowing not to field an incomplete team, and preventing you from being sacked even after the 2 weeks absence is already a big deal if compared to many other online games that don't give you this possibility. So let's try to give the right value to this nice feature. Therefore, from today on no requests will be accepted. Of course the requests we accepted before today will remain valid.

Updated: 6.30pm Tuesday 29th January Tomorrow night we are going to set up Ian computer to be able to run the updates (Sonia's one did it so far). This is important to offer you a better service, as it's very important having 2 pc's able to run the update independently. Of course, as everytime a new pc is set, there could be some delays or small things to fix. To fix small bugs with Sonia's one it took around half an hour, but everything was smooth at the end. We hope to reduce the downtime at the minimum, but we hope to have your understanding and your support in case some extra time is needed.

(Updated: 6.20pm Sunday 13th January):As promised we are giving you our open letter of presentation You can see it by We are opening a thread in General ITN on the forum
we would really love to hear your opinions and suggestions about our letter

(Updated: 6.30pm Tuesday 8th January): This update went smooth, we are glad with the way things are going Thank you for the kind comments and your support. Only a small change in the schedule to better suit with our availability Matchday 27 - Club ITN Cup - was at 06:00 Friday 11th January will be moved to 18:00
Hope you will understand but we prefer to be carefully following updates at least for the first times.

(Updated: 8.00pm Sunday 6th January): This is the new ITN team, and we would like to apologise for the delay. A great event happened in ITN life, with our first update! It took some extra time as there were different settings between us and Andy. Now that everything is up and running we hope next matchdays will run on time! We thank you for your patience and you will soon hear about us, with our presentation and future projects on ITN. Thank you for your support! Ian, Sonia and Enrico

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