Here we are with news coming from this season. We are a bit late this time, part of it is due to being busy with other issues, part of it is wanted, since a few things will be released in the next weeks.

The reason for this is that the server has been a bit slow lately, and we perfectly know that end of season/beginning of new season is a time with a big workload, since the system creates season's hystory, new fixtures, new cup draws and so on... plus users are more active, since they want to know if they were promoted or not, renew contracts, promote new players, arrange friendlies for the new season. For this reason we've temporarily disabled friendly arrangement page, in an attempt to regulate the server load, in order to improve server performances, at users' advantage.

We studied our traffic, and realized that biggest usage comes on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, of course that is when updates are run. For the first weeks we will be opening friendlies page on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday, so that we try to distribute the load in the days with less usage.


We will be releasing some news about the shortlist soon. But of course, since it was removed long time ago for server usage reason, we will make it available in a few weeks, when new users will have finished with new season's settings.


We studied a bit the curve of contract renewals, and came to the conclusion that it works well, in general, but wanted to make a small change to make it more realistic.

We have halved the starting point of retirement, meaning that 31 years old players will have half the chances of retiring than before (from around 1/20 to around 1/40), but have raised the yearly figure for following years. This means that for the first years after 31 chances of retiring will be less than before. At around 35-36 years old chances are equal than before, from 37 to 40 chances are higher than before.


Like for every season, we are slowly changing wages, adapting it to the new situation of hidden attributes. Since many overgrown players are retiring, the difference between top players and worst players is being reduced on average, and this is the reason of the wage tweaking. From now you will see that normal players ask wages a bit lower than before, while top players will ask a bit more.


We're trying to setup a new newspaper for ITN. The idea is that we move it out of the website, like it happened with the forum. This has many advantages:

- The newspaper stays online even when the site is down for updates or for repairs;
- We free some database space by deleting the newspaper data. We would like to use space we save from this to allow longer PM's;
- We reduce database usage, which have been a problem a few months ago. Actually our newspaper didn't use much resources, but still it could be an improvement, and we'd like to use the resources we saved from this to allow some sort of shortlist scouting again;
- We make it much better, since we are trying to use a CMS system, which is much more modern and good looking than ITN, with mobile compatibility, widgets and so on...

The downsides we are dealing with this are:

- We use another website. Which means another account to subscribe to. But we think we found a solution here. We will be testing a widget added to the forum and the new newspaper. This tool will basically sinchronize users across both boards. This means that who has a forum account, will be able to connect directly to the new newspaper, without needing a new account. This also qualifies for new users, who will only need a forum account to use both boards.
- The latest news from manager we added on manager's page could no longer work. We think this is a minor downside compared to the advantages it could give. But anyway, we might find a solution working in another way.

We will update you as soon as we have some news on this.


We've finally fixed the problem with the Forum password retrieval procedure.
The board is now able to send mails, both for the password retrieval request and for the signup procedure.
This solves a big problem we had to manually deal so far taking us away a lot of time.

We have also increased again the number of private messages you can keep on your folders, which is now 175.
The forum allows also to send much bigger private messages than ITN itself, with a limit of 20,000 characters per message.


We've decided, now that the old players retiring flow is becoming stabilized, that a constant flow of new youngsters will improve the game balance.
Considering that the season is now 22 weeks long, and we wanted to give possibility to all teams to have 3 new youngsters per season,
we decided to allow new young players to be promoted after 7 weeks, so that every season all teams have the chance to have 3 full players
coming in.

We used to have 7 weeks promotions in the past for a short time to deal with players shortage, but this time this will be the new standard.

Ratios have been changed according to the shorter period, even if the difference is so small that probably it won't be noticed.

This page will be updated often in the news few weeks with new stuff coming, as soon as it's ready to go live. Stay tuned.