Here we are with a new report about ITN world economy. We are still in an inflation scenario, which we created because clubs were running out of money a few seasons ago.
Nowadays, the player average wage is slowly decreasing due to the decrease of hidden attributes. For this reason we are tweaking a few factors. Here they are:

- There will be a slight rise in players wages. Actually this won’t make a real difference, since the slow reduction of over the top hidden attributes, is of course lowering the average wages on the other side. Therefore we just adjusted it to keep the previous ratios. The increase will affect more hidden attributes than visible ones.

Activation date: Friday's update.


New managers will receive a PM (or e-mail) when they join the game with links to game rules and tips (i.e. new managers/help forum, John's help page etc...). This has been thought in order to provide more help to new managers, so that they will be more interested in staying in the game. We welcome any other idea or suggestion on how to help new managers within ITN.

This message is one season old, but we haven't been able to activate it but now it finally is. New managers will receive a message suggesting them to subscribe to the forum in order to find help within the game.

Activation date: Very soon (we hope before or during the weekend).


As proposed by users, the limit of private messages on the inbox or sent messages will grow from 75 to 100.
Also the attachments size limit will be higher: from 400kb to 750kb (1024x768kb)
Unfortunately we cannot enlarge it much for database space reasons, but at least it’s a little improvement which could come in handy.

Activation date: Already active


We are introducing something new for the coming season. It is something the community had already proposed, and this time we’ll be able to do it. The idea is to send an automated message when a new manager joins the game, in which he/she will be assigned a "tutor".
The tutor will help with players evaluations and will guide the new user to his/her first deals in charge of the team.
We believe this will be of great help towards game fairness, and it will help the game to keep its new users with a higher percentage ratio.
Of course tutors won't be allowed to deal with users assigned to them while in the tutoring period.
In addition a new section has been created on the forum; it's called "Players Evaluation Requests". We think this could be very useful to new users, so that they can ask about their players or their targets, until they get a sufficient knowledge to evaluate by themselves.
Actually, also long serving members can find this useful, since it's always nice receiving an opinion from the community.

Activation date: Very soon (we hope before or during the weekend).


We have decided to give new life to the newspaper, since it's a very nice feature of the game, which seems to be popular amongst users.
Once again, this is a suggestion we read on the forum, and thought it could be a great idea: Newspaper Comments.
From now on you will be able to add comments to Newspaper articles, something like you can see on real online newspapers. This could be great fun, since we expect to read users reactions to press announcements.
But this is not all. We would like the newspaper to be not only a collections of articles, but like a real official clubs press, with teams adding news from their team for others to read, like a real sport news site you can find on the internet.
To make this possible, easier to find, and more interactive, from now on you will find the "Latest news from the manager" on every Manager profile, which will list the 5 more recent articles written by the manager.
For database space reasons Newspaper pieces stay published for 9 months, after which they are automatically deleted from the Newspaper, but are kept on a backup file by the ITN Team.

Activation date: Very soon (we hope before or during the weekend).


The maximum contract length will be lowered from 120 to 110 weeks, to match exactly the length of 5 seasons.
We believe contracts longer than 5 seasons are not realistic.

Activation date: Friday's update.


Another request coming from users.
From now on you will be able to see icons (like player transferisted, contract expiring and so on...) also on the General Info view (the one you select to see the remaining weeks left on your players contracts).
This will make it easier to understand players situation when renewing contracts.

Activation date: Already active.


Another request coming from users.
From now on you will be able to sort players by age.

Activation date: Later today.