Here's a resume on what changes and what's new for the coming Season 15. There will be two parts. One coming out right now, with stuff already ready, a second part will be announced on Monday/Tuesday when it will be finalized. Let's start with the first part!


Youth promotions will go back to 8 weeks. We set it to 7 for a while to fight against players shortage caused by some necessary changes done in the past. Now the shortage is over, so we can switch back to the 8 weeks waiting time.

We have toned down the importance of level in which the club is when a new youngster is promoted from the youth academy. Until now level was very influent, and we've actually halved it.
We decided to still keep a small advantage for lower level teams, since higher level teams already have many other advantages, but it is now half than it used to be.

A new Goalkeepers promotion system has been brought in.
This is how the system works:
The chances of the player coming from the club home nation remains the same as before. So this gives realism to the game, since bigger football nations have more teams and will therefore promote more keepers in proportion.
When the chosen nationality comes from the “pot” of managed International teams, it won't work like for other positions (random pick of one of the 64 managed International teams), but instead it will sort nations by which has less U21 keepers, and chooses the first one.
When selecting a smaller nation, it will stay as it is now.
In the long run we will end up having all teams with a similar number of U21 keepers, but with bigger nations having 2-3 keepers more to choose from, given by the chance of promoting a keeper from club's home nation.
This will be a big news to International Managers who will be able to have at least a keeper to field, and will be helpful for International Competitions.

For all positions, the chance of promoting a youth player from the club's home nation has been slightly toned up.

There is a right age in football to be in the youth academy. When one player reach 18 or worse 19 years, he needs to go out and start playing club football, instead of being in the academy.

Therefore, after a couple of seasons in the youth academy, players won't keep growing that much and will end up to stop their improvements.

Please note that all these Youth Promotions tweaks are immediately active as this resume comes out.


Attribute decreases have been slightly tweaked.
There will be less chance of an attribute decrease in players Under 21, while a higher chance for player 35 or over.
The difference from before is not huge, so don't expect to realize the difference in your team, it will be a big picture adjustment.

This section will be active from Match Day 1 of next season.


The level of your youth academy will grow a little faster from now on, to reflect the shorter season compared to the season before last.
Therefore you should expect to see your academy grow at a similar speed rate than in the past.

This section will be active from Match Day 1 of next season.


Our team of Admins has a new member! Steven McCarthy joins John and Ian G. to help out the staff with some aspects of the game we were a bit short at the moment.
We thank Steven for accepting our proposal to help out for the good of the game.


Only a reminder to login to the forum and fill in your nominations for Manager of The Season competition, starting on MD 2 of next season. You can find it here:
We also encourage you to vote for the Unofficial Manager of the Season competition held by Ellis (which we thank for his time). You can vote here:

If you don't have a Forum account make sure you request it! It is very important you access to the forum, since you can have news about updates status, trade players, meet other managers and so on!

2nd Part - August 10


It will be possible again, as it was a few seasons ago, to terminate a loan before its expiry date. But in a different way than in the past.
You will have to request it in a specific forum topic, and admins will terminate the loan for you, provided they meet some criteria.
There are not many rules, basically to terminate a loan these requests must be met:
- Both managers (the loaner and the borrower) have to post the request on the forum, so that we know there's an agreement.
- At least 4 weeks (12 matchdays) have passed since the submission of the loan (or 5 weeks - 15 matchdays if after Matchday 50).


This is a patch we added to the training page for International Managers, but we believe it is a very important one, which will be very helpful for the International competitions and for the enjoyment of the game.
From Day 1 of next season, International Managers will not be able to train any more unattached players (there were so few that it was almost useless...)
On the other side, they will now be able to give training to players who play in a managerless team.
This has a big impact, in particular to smaller nations (newer ones), where many of their players are in unmanaged new teams,
so that they both improve very slowly and get very tired.
This way International Managers can help their prospect grow, until their teams find a manager carrying on the good job, and they are able to give fitness training when players gets too tired, for the good of the International competitions.
The page allows you to sort players according to positions, since they might be even some hundred players in some cases.


From Day 1 of the new Season, only managers with more than 8,000 Manager Points will be able to apply to a Premier level team, while 2,500 Manager Points are needed to apply to an A Level team.
This is to avoid complete beginners to end up in too competitive series compared to their abilities, with the risk of damaging both their own enjoyment of the game and other users enjoyment.


You will have soon a module (we haven't decided yet in which page, but we hope it will be ready for the new season) in which you can notify Admins or the Team about a suspect deal you deem as unfair.
As always Admins and us will take care of the issue, and, with an agreement of all staff members, decide appropriate actions.
We really encourage users to use this tool, for the good of our game, and for your own enjoyment of the game, but please note you won't be notified of the outcome.
Reported managers have of course the right to appeal and they might be in the right, so for privacy reasons, we don't think it's fair sometimes to tell everyone the reasons behind some actions.
You can be sure anyway that your report will not be unlistened, and the best solution will be applied to the case, even if you don't know what happened then.


Players ID and Teams ID will be added next to their names to help Admins (and all users too) when refering to a player.
This way it will be easier for you too to link players in the forum.

We end up with this for now, but we still have some stuff coming. We will announce it later though.