End of season 12 tweaks:

Contract length:

There will be a change in contract length renewals. Basically there will be a reduction of lengths according to the shorter seasons, and still in proportion with player's age. Younger players want longer contracts, older ones want shorter ones. But also good players will ask for slightly shorter contracts, while worst ones are going to ask for longer ones.
Very old players (37+) won't probably renew for more than 1 season or so while youngsters between 16-19 will probably accept contracts lasting between 4-5 seasons instead.


As a counterpart with shorter contracts there will be a change in retirements to avoid having many players signing their last contract at only 32 or having many players still playing at 42. We believe this reflects more how real football goes, and will make more sense in manager strategies.
We've added the idea of chance of retirement, which is proportional with age.
The minimum age in which a player might sign his last contract is 31, but only about 5% of players will head for retirement at that age. The chance of signing their last contract then improves for about 10% or so for every year in addition, so the chance grows throughout ages, and some might sign their last contract at 35-36 or even later than that. But of course, in this last case, it will be only for 1-2 season or so thanks to the combination of the contract length change.
At the end of the day, 40 should be an age that very few players will reach (as in real football), but also we should have no more than around 15% of players signing their last contract at 32.


2 seasons ago we had to lower all expenses very strongly as all teams were losing lots of money. Of course we knew we were pushing it too far, in order to recover quickly. Now the situation is much better, and there's no need to keep these rates longer, since it would create too much money, we don't want to create the same error on the other hand!
So we will add a bit more expenses. Not on stadia, otherwise we would get back to when nobody was building new stands. Not on prizes as we don't want to lower them. It will be then on player wages (in order to take them back to where they were before our change 2 seasons ago), since everyone can deal and take care of club economy, and act as a consequence. We took the chance to change something we wanted to do anyway, since it is not fair.
We have the best players in the game earning very low wages, and we should compensate wages in order not to damage anyone. Therefore from today, players salary will be determined by:
Age as it is now and all player attributes (not only visible ones as it works now)
Team level is no more counted in.
Also, very important, there will be no difference on how the player is signed. He will always ask for the same amount of money no matter if he was signed for free, from free list, or bought by a club. This is to avoid misunderstandings between users, or managers trying to escape rules.
The change won't be that big though, but it will add some percentage point on salary tally in the game, as well as it will make some justice, with good players earning correct money.


Transfer market revival and Renewals

One part of the game has been suffering for quite a few seasons already, the transfers part. I think this is due to the changes made to make it easier to renew contracts a few seasons ago.
Let's face the truth, this way, it is very easy to keep our players for the whole career, as if we play them, they will always renew. This means also that when we buy the player we want we will always keep him. So after a few buys, no one is selling and no one is buying, as everyone (especially good teams) are keeping their players forever.
This is not helping the game, as it makes it one-dimension. It is only down to playing the matches, as the fun of negotiating and the ability of looking for players is never brought in.
Therefore we want to add the possibility that players want to have a fresh challenge after some time they're in a team. We don't mean a changeover every season as that would make manager planning useless. But at least after 2-3 or more renewals in one team (so 4-5-6 seasons or more) they may want a new challenge.
This way there would be more players for sale and negotiations would start flowing again. Parameters we might use for this are the avg of played matches against total team matches (already in use, but with lower limits), player mentality and attitude, number of renewals in the same team.
This is, at the moment, more a preview of what we are going to do, than a tweak for this season, since we set up the code for this new feature, but set the parameters extremely low. We want you to be advised in advance and therefore we cannot start this all of a sudden without prior notice.
This season players not renewing because of this new setup will be very rare (no more than 50 between the 19,000 active players we have in the game), but will grow during next seasons, in a plan that will take to full regime in 3 seasons time.