END OF SEASON 10 Updates and New Stuff


This is not a real new addition as it was already announced at the end of last season, but of course it will start working now that new prizes are going to be awarded. Therefore we will have an increase of total prizes for a few millions Pounds, with all the teams receiving something (like in the real football leagues), based on league position and goal achieved. You can see all the prizes in detail in the Help page.


Some time ago, due to being forced to restore a previous database version during the downtime, we set the limit of not logging in to 30 days before losing the team. This period was too long as many teams were losing too much money and stay managerless. Therefore the new limit will be set at 20 days, after that the manager will be sacked (unless an absence form is submitted). This change will be active from Friday 7th November's update.

As for International Managers, sackings will be temporarily suspended. There won't be sackings until further notice.


From Season 11 ITN takes a huge step, changing his fixture list dramatically.
There was a big need to play more competitive matches during the week, and reduce International games, while having more interesting ones.
Having this in mind we thought a new schedule. The season will last 66 matchdays (22 weeks) compared to 78 matchdays in 26 weeks, making the season almost one month shorter.
The league will be made up of 30 matches each team, like it was before, and the 2 cups remains (only ITN cup lasts longer as it accomodates more teams with the arrival of Level D). This means that it's the International scene who gets a cut, which was needed: one match per week was too much.


The international setup changes, decreasing from 26 matches to 10 per season, but what ones!
32 new nations are active, to reach the number of 64. We will have 2 competitions every season for International teams: Qualifiers and the World Cup. World Cup Qualifiers will be played at Matchdays 5, 10 and 15. The 64 teams will be divided into 16 groups with 2 teams per group qualifying for the World Cup.
We will think about a possible competition for the 32 teams eliminated after the Qualifiers, but it cannot be ready for this coming season. With the help of users we will run a competition as well using friendlies anyway.
After qualifiers ended the World Cup will take place. The 32 teams will play the World Cup with the same format of the real one. 8 groups of 4 teams, with the first 2 going through. Then Last 16, quarters, semifinals, and finals. Both for senior and U21 teams.
With the addition of the D level, it will be more difficult, but much more enjoyable being a International Team coach. With almost 9,000 new players (of which around 7,000 belonging to the 64 active nations) in the game, there will be much more choice of players, and not having enough players to field a team shouldn't happen anymore. Some nations will have some hundreds players to choose from, and even new nations will have at least 40-50 to start with.


The only new thing is the addition of level D. This means from now on relegation will be possible from Level C. All other things remains the same, except the game schedule, which will be more hectic.


ITN Cup will be a little bit longer, having to host Level D teams as well. There will be an Extra Preliminary Round with all 256 teams of D level, 2 Preliminary Rounds with C level teams joining, and then the proper Cup, with other levels joining, as long as the competition goes on.


ITN was going well lately, despite the low level of advertisement carried on. Anyway very few teams remain available for new managers (and the few ones were also in very bad shape...) so that, with great pleasure, we were forced to think about adding more teams to the game.
We decided to add the D level, so that not only we created more space in the game, but also this allows us to advertise a bit more the game (not much sense doing it while having 5 teams available), and an addition of 9,000 more players was very useful to the International scene too.
It will be a big new world to discover, players to scout, new teams to explore!


Level Cups remains as they were before. D Level Cup has been created, and it's the only one with a different rule. As it holds 256 teams (64 groups of 4 teams each), it will not promote the first two teams to the knockout level, but only one. So that the knockout tournament starts with 64 teams like in the C level.


Another adjustment to this part of the game. We realized last season's changes weren't enough aggressive. Therefore we decided for a cost reduction of £10,30,35,40 respectively for each seating price. Also the construction charge is reduced as follows:
Between 0-9,999 capacity seats are valued at GBP 290 each, between 10,000 and 19,999 capacity seats are valued at GBP 820 each, between 20,000 and 29,999 capacity seats are valued at GBP 1,365 each, and over 30,000 capacity seats are all valued at GBP 1,860 each. All stadium changes also incur a GBP 750,000 construction charge!
As for maintenance costs they are going to decrease again, by a figure around 5%.


This part of team balance is going to be changed again. There will be another slight increase in revenues, for all leagues.


Another good suggestion from users we want to listen to: private messages don't get cleaned up after 30 days as stated in the message folder. From Wednesday 26th November, messages not marked as important will be deleted after 30 days. We need this to save space on the database, after the big amount of datas added for this changeover. Therefore, we suggest you to have a look at your messages and mark as important the ones you don't want to lose.


Fitness has been changed. From now on recovering will be a little bit faster (and players will be less tired after a match). Fitness training instead will have more power, and will turn out more useful than in the past. In addition to this, fitness will have a reset to 100% at the beginning of every season for all players.


And it's not over yet...!

Added 26th December 2008


ITN is full of changes lately, and this new one is a very important one.
ITN is going to move, to a new and bigger house. Unfortunately our old house is becoming smaller and smaller for our needs, and this migration is really necessary.
ITN will have about 9 times more space than our actual profile, and 16 times more bandwidth usage, which allows us to grow without worries.

There is one small downside of this. As you may easily understand we will have to bring ITN down during the process, and so the site will not be accessible for a couple of days.
We thought this is probably the best moment to migrate our site. With many people out on Holidays, travels, or home from University, they would have found difficult to connect anyway, surely better than stopping the site in the middle of a normal week.
Also MD 15 would fall on New Years Eve, making it difficult for us to run the update safely.
Therefore ITN will naturally go down at 6pm of 31st December, and the process will begin.

What will be done? All ITN files will be moved to the new space, and the database. This means that no operations can be done on the database during the whole process, otherwise we�d have some updated data which will be lost, or even worse, some updated data and some not updated, which would probably cause errors during the updates.

Therefore ITN must be down for the whole period.
The hosting told us it is necessary a period of 72hrs for all the DNS to replicate, also it could happen that all the steps go slow due to the holiday period.
Anyway we will keep updated the main page, telling you how it goes, and also some more detailed info on Neil forum.

When everything is sorted and the site is ready to go, we will run MD15 update, and we will carry on from there. We will decide how to recover with the schedule once everything is sorted, and what day the site will be up and running.

And when ITN will come back online, a nice surprise for you, the new forum will be awaiting!
A simple one, but with all the stuff you might want from a forum, like avatars, images, attachments, a new way to interact in ITN! And of course the forum will be hosted on a different database than the game one, and this means the forum will be online also during updates and downtimes!


From today a new engine for youth promotions will be used.
This will solve long time problem of keeping attribute in outfielders.
From now on, if you ask for a keeper the engine will behave as it was before. If you ask for any other position, it will exclude keeping from the random draw, so that keeping won't be picked up.
We've been asked many times about this issue, and we're glad to have finally found a way to correct this problem.
Please note anyway that we had to correct also the total amount of attributes going to be distributed. With less attributes to pick up from, the other ones would have gone too high to start with. Therefore we lowered the average SOA by 2-2.5 points for new youth promotions.

Example: Before, if you had a 28 SOA youth with 4 on keeping, you had like a 24 SOA player.
From now on you will have a 25-26 SOA player with no keeping, so that you will have 25-26 "useful" SOA points.