Here comes the second End of Season 9 report, which is focused on training.

Training is a very important part of the game, and as we received some complaints about it, we thought to have a look at it. To our big surprise we realized our users were right, and there was a major flaw in the code.

One of the most recurring complaints in ITN regards the inability of players to improve their attributes once they had a decrease. With great pleasure we announce that this bug has been discovered. Users were right, it was almost impossible to improve an attribute again after it had a decrease, unless there was an unlikely coincidence that made it possible to happen, which was very rare.

Is it all good then? No, it is not! This bug, even if unwanted, turned out to be a method to keep the amount of attributes at a reasonable level. What happens if we take it away all of a sudden? Probably all players would start overgrowing and the game would be flooded with too good players.

This would be bad too, maybe even worse than when the bug existed. So we took some measures as follows:

The bug has been corrected. So from now on your players will be able to improve again, but not all of them.

A good part of players will improve again very quickly, another part of them will be able to improve again too, but in a longer period of time, and finally a part of them, won't be able to improve again. This way we have a first control over the growth of attributes. You will only understand by training if the player can improve again.

Please pay attention to the fact that every attribute is independent from the others: a player can decrease in shooting, and after being trained a lot, you may realize he wont grow up again. But this doesn't mean he won't grow in other attributes. It may happen that he decreases in heading, and after being trained only 1 week, recover the lost attribute again!

Please note also that players who suffered the bug in the past will remain affected. They might have another chance in case they get a new decrease in the same attribute, and therefore will enter in the new engine like all other players.

But this was not enough, the grow rate would still be too high. Therefore we took 2 more measures:


the speed of attributes growth has been slightly reduced. Therefore from this season players will improve at a lower speed. Actually the speed decrease is very small, and most probably you won't notice it that much.

The growth also will follow the real life natural evolution of players, with players improving faster when in their teens and then slowing down until retirement age.


Attributes will decrease in a different way than today.

First of all, young players shouldn't decrease in attributes as they do nowadays. So from this season, they will decrease in very few occasions, most probably they won't decrease while they're in their teens.

From then on, the decrease rate will be linked to their age, but will be lower than now with young players, and will grow with age.

When players start to get older their decrease rate will speed up quickly, becoming more important than now.

This will make decreases more realistic, and also all the game will become more realistic, not having teams full of 37-38 years old players still performing better than 25-30 years old ones.

All these measures should keep a decent amount of attributes in the game. We will keeping an eye on it, and will have small corrections if we realize our measures weren't aggressive enough.


How does training work? Many times we asked ourselves this question, and many times we read questions from users about this aspect of the game. Of course, being one of the keys of the game, we cannot reveal much, but we can provide some useful hints about training and how it works.

As for normal skill training there's not much to say, the skill you choose is the skill you train.

And what about positional training? (i.e. Position: ST) This kind of session trains the skills needed by that specific position, but only one at a time. If skills for a position are A, B and C, and a player trains well and is able to improve, the system will randomly choose which one of the 3 skills will improve.

Is playing regularly important for a player? Absolutely yes. Players who play regularly have more probabilities of improving compared to players who don't.

What's up next? In End of Season 9 report #3 we will talk about GAME ECONOMY, which is the part that needed more adjustments to work properly, as we all realized some problems were going on lately.