Here we are for the first part of our end of season reports. This first part is focused on the game structure as a whole. Please note that all changes and new stuff will be in place from matchday 1 of the new season (all but one, which is well explained it will be the following season).


Just a few words of introduction. It's some months already since we took over ITN and we're glad of how things are going so far. We had some troubles, in particolar with hardware, who slowed us down very much, and they're not solved completely yet. Anyway you might have only slightly noticed this, and we're happy of this. Yet having everything working from the start would have seen us much more active. But things are improving as well.

With these reports we want you to know about some updates and changes we are going to bring to the game, in order to improve it. We could have posted just one big report, but we thought people might be annoyed of reading more than 4 pages, so better divide in 3 reports; this way everyone will read them carefully without missing parts.

Please note there's anything very big coming over for this season, we didn't feel like take these risks while we are still learning about ITN, but we just took adjustments where it was needed, as well as starting to prepare the ground for future improvements, we hope you will appreciate our work as well!


A new engine has been created. This new engine allows to promote more youngsters for the manageable nations, and less for the minor countries. Countries has been divided into pools and each pool has a different probabily of being chosen.

Promoting a player with club's home nationality will be only slightly more probable than other first pool's nationalities (meaning the active ones).

The engine giving attributes to the new players hasn't been changed anyway at the moment, but will be looked at in future months.

To activate this new engine a whole set of new names and surnames had to be implemented. It took about 3 months to collect all the thousands new names and surnames for all nationalities. Now the database is big enough to cope even for a eventual game expansion.

FAQ: I asked for a ST, instead I got another position. Is engine bugged?

NO! Asking for a position means the engine won't go lower than a fixed level for requested abilities for that position. If another suggested position displays could mean the player has not only the necessary abilities for that position but he got other ones too! So basically may mean you were lucky!


Some users enquired about the strange end of season schedule. Here's the answer!

Match order is going to change for next season, as this was requested by many of you.

This will be the new schedule:

  • Wednesdays: League Matches + training

  • Fridays: Cup matches/Friendlies + training

  • Sundays: International matches + training + weekly main update

This means that all users will have more interest during the week. The biggest problem with the old schedule was that if a manager didn't have an International team, and was soon knocked out of the cups, they would only have interest in the Sunday update as both matchday and weekly main updated were on that day. With this new schedule, even in the worst scenario, all managers will have interest in at least 2 updates, (Wednesdays for matchday and Sunday for weekly main update) a week, adding interest to the game.

There won't be any other changes in tournaments structure for the upcoming season, but this won't be a definitive schedule. As we already promised, when all features will be up and ready, a new change will happen, but a bigger one, with a complete reshape of leagues, leading to a decrease of international fixtures and as a consequence more team league games. This won't happen this season anyway, as we previously said.

We hope this new schedule will better suit with users needs!


Manager appointments will change from this coming season. A combination of values were kept when deciding which manager gets the team such as manager points, time in the game, time in the team which were the decisive factors. From now on manager points will be more important in the final result, while time in the game and time in the team will count less then before in the calculation. Remember anyway that 3,000-4,000 manager points can be surely overcome if one manager has been much more time in the game and/or in the team than another one.


It seems lately our staff had some job to do related to this issue, and if before it wasn't needed, it's now time to have some guidelines for “Notice board & Forum etiquette”.

Again this will be a thing in which we'd like the community to be involved on (as the request started from users), and so we'll be running a topic on the forum in which every user has the chance to say their opinions on the matter, or suggest some guidelines too. After that we'll put ideas together, and draw a definitive document all users should attend. All this will be held some weeks into the new season.

This was just an introduction report, most of the new stuff is on the next 2 reports. Next report on Thursday will be focused on TRAINING!